Doodlebops Party

Doodlebop Party -3yr- Games & Activities




Darlene in Littlerock, CA. USA


June 2008



My son is absolutely obsessed with the Doodlebops. So, for his 3rd birthday we are throwing him a Doodlebops themed party. 

I started with the Doodlebops website and was able to print out concert tickets for invitations.  They are so cute and I have already been asked if the kids are really going to see the Doodlebops. 

I found Doodlebop themed decorations online at a party supply website.  In addition to the typical streamers, banner and balloons I got inflatable instruments such as guitars, microphones and horns to hang around the room with fishing line.  These will also become prizes for games. 

I got all my game and activities straight from the Doodlebop show.  Every episode starts off with Moe playing hide and seek so our first game will be Where's Moe?"  I printed lots of coloring sheets of my son's favorite Doodlebop "Moe" off of the website for us to color and hide all around the house so our guests can see how many "Moe's" they can find.  The person with the closest number will get to choose an instrument to take home. 

The next activity comes from the Doodlebop Pledge.  I cut out felt pennants for the children to decorate with puffy paint and foam stickers as their pledge banner.  Now its time to "Get on the Bus"  I went to a local appliance store and was able to get a refrigerator box witch we will be painting with bright colors to make our Doodlebop Tour Bus.  Now its off to the concert and a quick game of Freeze Dance to Doodlebop music. 

Since the Doodlebops love to eat vegetables tiny tambourines and guitars to top the cake.  I found some tye dyed looking party bags for the party favors that are filled with temporary rock-star tattoos kazoos tye dyed inflatable beach ball Doodlebop rings and a giant swirl lollipop sticking out the top. 

To top off the whole party my friends daughter has dyed her hair pink and was able to find a costume to be Dee Dee Doodle for the end of the party for all the children to have a picture taken with.  I will use the pictures to write out our Thank You notes."

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