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Lalaloopsy Party -8yr- Pin The Tiara




Sara in Oak Harbor, WA USA


December 2011


Honorable Mention

My daughter who turned 8 has recently found the Lalaloopsy, who were once rag dolls which magically comes to life when their last stitch was sewn into them.  These dolls take on the personality of the fabric that was used to make them.  They have cute button eyes, brightly colored hair and just full of whimsy with their outfits that make them who they are. 

We started by making our own invites with vibrant colored paper that is used a lot on the lalaloopsy website, ie: bright pink, yellow, orange, purple, greens, turquoise.  On the invite we worded it:  We are going to have sew much fun! You are invited to: (child's name) 8th birthday party.  I then gave the specifics of the party.  We then decorated the invite with lollipop puffy stickers and finished it with ric rac and looped ribbon that matched the paper.  My daughter was able to go on the lalaloopsy website and she was able to help plan the activities/games that she wanted her and her friends to play. 

Our first game for the evening was to guess how many buttons were in a container.  It was quite cute to see their guesses written down some guesses were quite low but one little girl was quite close to the actual total of 413 buttons. 

We then played the old time game of "Button button whose got the button?" They had a good time trying to keep a straight face and not showing it was them holding the button. 

We then proceeded to play theme related games for the actual Lalaloopsy dolls.  My daughter and I had made prior to the party a life sized drawing of the Lalaloopsy "Jewel Sparkles"

We then played the game of "pin the tiara" on Jewel Sparkles.  We played the game of "Hang Man" which is related to the doll Bea Spells-A-Lot.  We did a treasure hunt for Patch Treasurechest which we hid gold chocolate coins and chocolate one buck candy bars along with Lalaloopsy pencil toppers. We played "Freeze Dance" for Holly Sleighbells and proceeded to freeze to Christmas music.  The girls had a huge pillow fight in honor of "Pillow Featherbed". 

For gifts/goodies for the girls to take home I made each of them a button bracelet.  I found brightly colored buttons and bought jump rings chain link bracelets and lobster claws and made my own bracelets.  I also made in advance material and tulle combination shaped flowers.  I sewed them together in advance to help with time.  I then bought material covered headbands and had them choose a headband and a material shaped flower and we then assembled them as an activity in honor of "Spot Splatter Splash".  I gave each of the girls a Baskin Robbins gift certificate to treat themselves after the party as well as a little lollipop. 

The decorations were simple but effective.  I found a brightly colored lime green tablecloth turquoise colored cups and striped napkins and plates that mimicked the colors on the invites that we made.  I used the same color crepe paper as in the plates and draped them with a loop that met in the middle of my dining room light and from my light was four tissue paper flower balls that I made from some of the same colors.  I used polka dot ribbon to hang them. 

I found brightly colored round confetti that looked like buttons and sprinkled on top of the table. I also put on the table amongst the lollipops a couple of my daughter's own lalaloopsies.  I didn't serve anything special that related to the theme of the party for their dinner except for the cake. 

The cake was an eight inch round three layer yellow cake with white icing and multi-colored buttons that were made out of fondant icing. Some of them just had the holes and others look liked they had threading holding them on the cake itself. The wording on top looked like it was stitched into the cake and next to it was a fondant made needle with a piece of "thread" coming out of the needle and it was inserted into the icing like it was just stitched on top.  The girls had a lot of fun and I enjoyed creating this theme for my little girl.   "

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