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Dolly Party -4yr- Diaper Bag Favors




Molly in Freedom, Wisconsin, USA


March 2002


Honorable Mention

My daughter wanted to have a "Dolly party" for her fourth birthday. So I went ahead with the plans.

I made invitations on the computer, I chose a cute picture with a girl and her doll  for the front and in the inside along with all the info I told everyone to bring there favorite dolly to the party!

For the cake  I chose a cute picture of a dolly out of one of her coloring books  and blew it up on a copy machine the size I wanted her cake to be. I used three boxes of cake mix and  baked it according to the box. I cut the top of the cake off to make it even with the pan and then tipped the cake out onto a cutting board covered in aluminum foil (easy clean up and neat appearance) I took the doll image and cut it out of the cake. I then frosted it in the colors she liked. I used some food coloring PENS to do some detail to the face, hair and dress..they worked great! The cake was precious.

My husband and I decided a long time ago to start her a porcelain doll collection so the Doll party was perfect. I Used her gift from us; a Goldilocks Por. doll; to hold  balloons next to the cake, I took pictures of her with all her dollies from when she was a baby and collage them about in frames that I set near the cake.

I then used some of her dolly things; bottles, lotion, wipes, powder, etc; to lay around for decoration. It was a great touch! I strung curly ribbon up in our walk way and used cloths pins to hang her dolly clothed up. I took some of her doll dresses and put them on hangers and hung them from the chandelier along with a string of bottles, rattles, baby shampoo etc. (all her pretend play items) They were very fun decorations!

I borrowed a few doll highchairs from my sister and with ours and hers all the girls invited had highchairs for their babies to sit in. The babies each got there own bottle and plastic cupcake while the girls  got to serve themselves "tea" from Lillie's toy tea set. They had so much fun drinking out of the toy cups.

Lillie and I made party hats out of different colored tag board and glued a cute dolly image on the front and made matching ones for each girls dolly.

Lillie also helped me turn white lunch bags into "diaper bags" for their favor.  WE stuffed them with baby type stickers(teddy bears, bottles, rattles, pacifiers) pencils, a little doll ( I purchased a 6 pack of dolls at Wal-Mart for only $3.00. they were so cute.) Then we took some little plastic rattle charms I found at a party store (in the baby shower section) and we strung curly ribbon through them and made a matching necklace for them and there baby.

We played two games: 1st we played pin the pacifier on the baby. I took an image of a baby off the computer and blew it up for the game board and cut out an image of a pacifier and while blind folded they tried to pin the pacifier near the mouth. I then wrote their names by it and we then could see who got the closest at the end of the game.

2nd we played "diaper toss" I took one of Lillies sand pails and made a sign for it that said,"Diaper pail" for the front of it and then made bean bags with cloth and elbow noodles to look like diapers. They stood behind the line and saw how many out of three they could get in!

We all had a great time even the dollies!

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