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Doll Party -3yr- Everyone Gets A High Chair




Brandi in Carmel, IN USA


May 2011


Honorable Mention

My daughter loves playing with dolls so we created a fun birthday celebration filled with all kinds of doll activities. 

I created the invitations using an online photo/card website and uploaded a photo of her feeding her dolls at the table.  I wrote:  Grab your doll and come with me, Celebrate my turning 3!  For the location I wrote:  My Dollhouse" with our address.  We also noted on the invitation that boys could bring their favorite stuffed animal. 

We decorated our playroom to look like a life-sized dollhouse.  We had flowers made out of balloons with streamers; an area for sleeping with doll beds and cradles; an area for eating with a picnic table play food and high chairs; an area for bathing with 2 doll bathtubs and empty travel-sized shampoo and lotion bottles; a salon area for creating hairdos with a doll salon chair doll curlers ribbons brushes and hair accessories; there were several doll strollers around the room as well. 

The kids visited the stations at their own accord and then we set up special stations.  We had a doctor's station with a doll doctor kit and Check-up Certificates for the dolls once their check-ups were complete; a "Dollsburg Diamonds" jewelry station where the kids could make a bracelet for their doll and a matching one for themselves just using ribbon and beads from our plastic bead kit; a photo station for the kids to have their pictures made with their dolls after they had completed their hairdo makeover; and an area with foam paper dolls that had foam stickers for various shirts/shorts/hairdos/shoes to place on them and a magnet for the back (these were purchased at our local craft store).  One game that we played was musical chairs with the dolls. 

For party snacks I set up our kids tables with regular sized plates and "doll-sized" plates using our pretend kitchen plates.  Beside each chair was a doll high chair or doll table seat for the dolls to sit in as well.  Each place setting had a name card that we made by painting small clay pots then we glued our old colored pencils into the pot (point side down) and glued green crinkle paper into the pot to look like grass. I glued colored paperclips on the top of the pencil to hold the name card and to hold their special photo from the photo station later.  We also glued a paper leaf near the base of the pencil and put their dolls' names on the leaves.  The dolls were served "baby" goldfish mini cupcakes and water in plastic shot glasses bought from the dollar store. 

The children were served regular sized goldfish and cupcakes with icecream and capri suns.  We made a doll cake using a 6in. Round pan for the head and I cut a triangular shaped body shoes and arms out of a 13X9 in. pan.  For the hair I used yellow fruit roll ups cut into strips to look like hair.  I outlined a dress with yellow m&m's and put pink sprinkles on the inside.  I then made flowers on the dress by putting blue mini m&m's in a 5 point shape with a yellow one in the middle. 

The favors for the party were a little different for the boys and girls.  The girls got doll skirts made from my sewing scraps a few doll hangers from the craft store (they came in packs of 4) bracelet candy their paper doll magnet check up certificate and their place card frame all in a little "purse" which was a small colored gift bag with tissue paper. 

The boys got "towels" for their stuffed animals which I made by cutting a cheap hand towel in half and surging the raw edges to finish them off rubber bugs play dough candy their paper doll magnet check-up certificate and their place card frame in a "man bag".  I was so amazed at how into the doll theme the boys were at the party they had just as much fun as the girls.  "

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