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Little Mommy Party -4yr- Bracelet Craft




Jamy in Shawnee, Oklahoma USA


September 2004


Honorable Mention

We had a Little Mommy Party to celebrate my daughter's 4th birthday.  As I searched for themes, I realized that her favorite activity is playing with her baby dolls, so I made up a party to go along with how she most loves to play. 

For the invitations, I found clipart on the internet of a little girl bathing a doll that I printed at the top of the invitation asking her friends to bring their favorite baby dolls to a Little Mommy Party celebrating my daughter's 4th birthday.  Then I hot-glued a little pink bow at the top. 

At the party I set up "play stations" in the backyard on large quilts.  We set up all my daughter's baby beds, high chairs, strollers etc.  We had 2 dishpans full of water where they could bathe their babies.  We also had a trunk full of baby clothes, blankets, bibs, bottles.  I bought a package of preemie diapers that fit the dolls perfectly.  My daughter also has a Mommy's Little Patient doll, we set her up with all the doctoring supplies we could find from the toy box.  The "little mommies" spent over an hour bathing, diapering, dressing, feeding, doctoring, and strolling their babies. 

They also played in the playhouse attached to our swing set and enjoyed swinging with their babies.  We played relay games racing with the babies in a sling over the girls' shoulder and had a race putting diapers on the baby dolls. 

Our next activity was a craft inside.  I bought pipe cleaners and assorted beads, both plain and some baby bottles and pacifiers I had found.  Before the party I cut the pipe cleaners to size to fit around the little girls' wrists, and put the pipe cleaners and beads in a baggie.  Everyone's bag was ready to go, and we didn't have beads bouncing around the kitchen.  The girls put the beads on the pipe cleaners and then the real mommies twisted the ends and tucked the sharp edges under the beads to make one bracelet for the little girls and one for their baby dolls.  This activity went so well.  They all loved it, and could do it themselves.  We put any bracelets the girls didn't want to wear back in the baggies with extra beads and added them to their take home bags. 

Next we watched a few minutes of baby video of my daughter, and had a story time.  We talked about how mommies can do lots of different things, and I introduced my daughter's grandmommie who was a teacher.  She read the stories to the little girls while I prepared the snack lunch.  I had decorated the dining room table the night before with a pink gingham and daisy fabric, lots of confetti, and ribbon. 

I served baby carrots and celery, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ham and cheese sandwiches, mini chocolate muffins topped with baby sprinkles, fruit kabobs, and sunchips.  We also had a slushy punch the girls loved. 

For dessert, after presents, we had baby doll cupcakes.  My daughter and I made the cupcakes using a pink/blue swirl cake mix.  I found baby doll cupcake liners and candy tops on the Internet.  I piped whipped white icing in thick swirls on top of the cupcakes and then we sprayed them pink and purple with cake decorating spray and topped them with pink and purple sugar and the baby doll candy.  I hotglued pink gingham lace around the edge of my cake stand, and put the cupcakes on the cake stand for the centerpiece of the table. 

For party favors, I made aprons for each of the little girls.  My daughter and I filled the pockets with favors; notebooks, mini baby bottles filled with pacifier shaped sweet tarts, rings, stickers, and the left over bracelets and beads.  We had such a wonderful time, all the little girls loved playing together and celebrating their own mommies too!

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