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Baby Doll Party -8yr- Stroller Race




Lane in Saint Marys, Georgia USA


Sept. 2003


Special Mention

For my daughter's eighth birthday party she wanted to have a baby doll party.  I thought this would be very difficult to come up with ideas but it was actually quite easy.  We invited about 20 girls to the party. 

We made the invitations ourselves using our digital camera.  My daughter layed on the floor with all her baby dolls around and then we took a head shoot with her and all the baby dolls.  We then put that picture on the front of the invitation and above it is said "It's A..." then below the picture it said "Baby Doll PArty".  Then on the inside it said "You and your favortie baby doll our coridally invitied to attend Marissa's eighth birthday party!"  Then all the other information was listed (such as time, place, etc) on the other side of the invitation.

We decorated the party room in light pink (like you would for someone who was having a baby shower and you knew the baby was a girl).  We had a "runner" on the table that was a table cloth for a baby shower.  We had baby bottles set up in front of each place along with a bowl and spoon for the girls baby dolls.  Highchairs were also set up beside each chair so that girls' dolls could "Eat" with them. 

I got the cake from Publix (I just asked to look at the cakes you would use for a baby shower and we picked from there).  We actually picked the baby carriage cake.  I also had cupcakes with babies,bottles, and rattles on top of them for the girls. 

We had finger sandwiches in the shape of bottles and babies.  (I used cookie cutters for this)  You could also use just the round (pampered chef cutter for this too) and decorate the top of the sandwich. (also, peanut butter and jelly were the most popular sandwiches).  

For activites the girls were able to make a diaper bag using stamps and paint. ( I got plain canvas bags from Oriental Trading, but you can also get them at Walmart).  We took of a picture of each girl with there baby doll (with a polaroid camera) and they were able to decorate a picture frame.  ( I made the picture frames by using an ellison cutter and I bought the 33cent foam from Walmart and hot glued a magnet to the back of it).  They used foam cut outs which I also bought from walmart to decorate the frame with. 

The last activity the girls had was a station were they could make a braclet or necklace for themselves and their doll.  I just bought beads with letters on them and the string.  I also bought a few beads with designs on them to add "Flavor" to the braclet or necklace.   The girls also had the option to play a few games. 

One game was a stroller race.  Two girls raced at a time and whoever won moved onto the next round until everyone was out.  The winner received a prize.  We also played pin the pacy on the baby.  I printed out a picture of a baby, copied it, and then it traced it to a MUCH larger version, I also had it lamiated. I also printed out pictures of pacifers and blew them up and lamiated them for this game.  The girls were blindfolded and given a pacifer with tape on the back of it to "stick" on the baby.  Whoever got the closet won a prize. 

We also played a game called Baby Walk instead of Cake Walk.  We placed paper on the floor with either a baby blanket on it, bottles, bibs, pacifers,etc.  When the music stopped and a winner was drawn from the bucket (the paper in the bucket was a smaller version of the one they were standing on) they got to go get a wrapped prize with the same picture on it as the one that they had been standing on. This continued all the girls "won" and got a prize. 

By this time it was time for the parents to come pick up the girls but of course the girls still wanted to visit so in the corner of the "party room" I had a small area with a playpen, a swing, an entertainer (or exersaucer), and a blanket with baby toys on it.  While the girls were visiting their babies were able to play or sleep (this also worked well while the girls were making their crafts, then they didn't have to worry about hanging on to their baby dolls).

For goodie bags I bought white sandwich bags from walmart and stamped them with stamps that had baby things on them such as a rattle, a bottle, pacifers,etc.  I also used baby stickers for this too.  Inside the bag there were baby bottle pops, candy pacifers, the small baby dolls you get from Walmart that have like six in a pack, a bib (from any dollar store), clear baby bottles with candy inside of them, bubbles with a printed label on them that said "Thanks for coming to Marissa's Party", stickers, pencils, "dress up jewelry", play makeup and anything else you can think of that a mother and baby would need.  

For thank you notes, I bought document paper and I printed these up on the computer with a "baby" border and It said "Thanks to (child's name and baby dolls name) Marissa's eighth birthday was a HUGE success!  I am so glad you were able to attend and join in all the fun!  Thanks (and then Marissa and her baby signed it).  The kids had a blast and it was fairly easy to put together!  This party would really work with any age you would just have to adjust it to suit you!

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