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Baby Doll Party -3yr- Baby Doll Wellness Check




Tanya in Waterville, Maine United States


January 2008


Honorable Mention

My daughter loves her babies" so a baby doll party was a perfect theme for her third birthday. 

For the invitation I took a picture of her with her doll cradle filled with all her babies.  The wording on the front of the invitation was "It's a party invitation not just from me to you stroller swing carriers etc. all set up and available for the kids to use. 

Then we had different stations set up around the house for the kids to visit.  The biggest hit was getting to take their baby for a wellness check at the drs. office.  My friend helped out by coming dressed as a nurse.  The children all took turns taking their baby to Nurse Cindy.  She measured weighed took their temp listened to their heart etc.  I made certificates for her to fill out for each of the babies that included listing the baby's name birthdate weight height and instructions.  As I said this was a huge hit and the kids LOVED it!  Another popular stop was giving their baby a "bath". 

I had set out our infant bathtub with towels washcloths empty shampoo and baby wash bottles and a rubber ducky of course.  The kids got to "pretend" to give their baby a bath.  I would have loved to fill the bathtub with water but too many of the children had babies that couldn't get wet.  None of the children seemed to mind that there wasn't water in the tub. 

Another station was taking their baby to the portrait studio.  I set up a backdrop with a chair and each of the kids got to have their photo taken with their baby as well as have a photo of just their baby taken.  I plan to have them printed to include in their thankyou notes. 

The craft was a simple but fun one.  Prior to the party I printed party hats on my computer and printed Happy Birthday Payton on each one.  Then I cut and assembled the hats one for the child and one for their baby (two different sizes).  At the party the kids were able to decorate their party hats with stickers.  They loved this. 

For a group activity we took our babies to "storytime" at the library (my living room).  The children gathered in a circle with their babies and I led them in a few songs to sing with their babies.  I then reminded them how important it is to read to their babies and then read a book to the kids and their babies.  We then had a baby crawling race.  Each of the children helped their babies crawl from one end of the room to the other.  It was very funny and cute to watch.  A lot of the babies got "rug burn" on their faces from this activity! 

Lunch consisted of cheese cubes snack mix baby carrots and celery grapes strawberries pb&j sandwiches mini-piggy wraps homemade pizza rollers. 

The cake came out so cute.  I did a basic two layer round cake decorated it with white frosting and "glitter" sprinkles.  Then I made mini-baby clothes out of fondant.  Around the edge of the cake I piped frosting to create a clothesline and "hung" the baby clothes on it.  They were so cute!  For the top of the cake I used one of the Fisher Price baby dolls from the baby snap-on collection.  These are all plastic and adorable. 

For a centerpiece on the table I used more of the Fisher Price dolls along with the mini furniture that goes along with it (crib high chair bathtub).  I really wish I could share pictures on here because it is hard to explain what I'm talking about! 

The last thing was the gift bag…..this was so much fun to put together.  I bought inexpensive small canvas bags to be a diaper bag.  My friend embroidered each of the children's names on their bag.  Then I filled the bag with a small blanket (which I made from scraps of fabric) for their baby a baby cloth diaper (these are super easy to make!) and embellished onesie (recycled) two disposiable diapers a plastic baby bottle filled with goldfish crackers and a chocolate candy bar (every parent needs some chocolate!). 

Phew…that was a lot.  I think I remembered everything though!  I would highly recommend a party like this if you daughter is into babies!  It really was a lot of fun!"

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