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70s Disco Party -2yr- Tickets to Enter Studio #2




Peggy in Harrisburg, PA, USA


February 2006


Special Mention

Valentine 70's Disco Party - 2 year old  Our two-year-old's (Ayanna) day care teacher wanted to have a Disco Party for Valentine's Day.  He asked me to assist, which was incredibly fun since I was a child of the 70's.  When the children arrived, their teacher  Mr. Chris, and I were there to greet them dressed in our best 70's attire.  He was wearing red pants, platform shoes, a silk shirt, gold chains, and big sunglasses.  I was wearing bellbottom jeans, a screen print shirt, shell necklace, and pink platforms (most of these items came from the local Goodwill Store). 

The children came dressed in various 70's clothing.  Gavin was wearing a tee shirt decorated with smiley faces.  Ayanna was wearing orange, pink and purple flowered bellbottoms.  Emma was wearing her sparkly disco pants, and Alivia was wearing a tie-dyed shirt. 

Their first activity was to decorate their Valentine Bags.  They were each given a plain, white lunch bag and using 70's stickers proceeded to decorate their bags (Creative Memories has a nice variety of 70's stickers).  This was a big hit kids love stickers! Then, with some assistance, they took turns distributing their Valentine's and treats to each other.  They talked a bit about Valentine's Day and then they put their Valentine bags in their cubbies.  Mr. Chris then escorted the children from the room. 

In the hallway, he distributed their tickets to enter Studio 2.  He wanted to call their room Studio 2  (since these children are all age 2, and the name of the popular 70's club is Studio 54).  I made the tickets using one I had seen on the internet from Studio 54, as a pattern.  The front of the ticket was printed with, Admit One -VIP - Studio 2.  I used a font closest to the font on the original ticket.  The back of the ticket was printed with Mr. Chris's Room, Valentine Disco Party, February 14, 2006.  I laminated each ticket twice to make it extra sturdy and it made a cute keepsake for each child. 

A sign on the door was fashioned using black paper as a background and writing STUDIO 2  using gold and silver metallic pens (I followed the same design as the original Studio 54 sign - which I found on the internet).  To cordon the entry to the Studio, I used three empty wrapping paper rolls (cut down to about 20 inches) and covered each one with gold metallic paper.  I then wrapped three small waffle balls with the same gold paper and glued the balls to the top of the rolls.  Using a hot glue gun, I glued the rolls to three small gold ashtrays that were turned up side down (the ashtrays were purchased at the local party store for 10 cents each). 

To create additional stability we added old CD's to the bottom of the ashtrays they were the perfect size.  Thick pieces of cardboard cut into circles would have worked well, also.    To create the look of that red, velvet fabric between the rolls, I used thick, red cord I had found at the local dollar store.  I tied the cord to each of the three rolls just beneath where the ball was glued to the roll.  The entire thing when completed was about four feet long from end to end. It was better than I could have expected; looked like a miniature of the real thing, and cost very little to make. 

The children entered the room behind the cordoned entry and when they turned in their tickets, they received a sticker on their hand (either a flower or a smiley face).  They also received a disco ball necklace (purchased at the local party store).  The room was divided into several sections:  the first section was the disco dance floor.  There was no time to purchase a disco ball, so I used a child's kick ball, wrapped it with twine leaving a piece long enough to hang it put two-sided tape all over the ball and wrapped the entire thing in silver foil.  It wasn't the real thing, but it was close!  We hung that from the ceiling in the center of the dance floor and down far enough so that the children could see it well (remember that they are only 2 -+)! 

Also from the ceiling we hung five, shiny, purple swirly decorations (from the local party store).  These decorations were different lengths and we hung them low enough so the children could see and enjoy them (but not actually touch them or pull them down).  The wall behind the dance floor was covered with a plastic, purple tablecloth (party store).  Using two-sided tape, we hung large, medium and small silver stars on the tablecloth, and also a sign that simply said DISCO.  The DISCO sign was made by using a piece of black paper about 20 inches long.  The word DISCO was spelled out using two rows of 1-inch, white dots (hole-punched from white card stock)and glued to the black paper.  

The actual dance floor was a white, plastic tablecloth that was taped to the floor.  The corners of the tablecloth were decorated with purple and silver hearts and stars.   On the counter off to the side, there was a revolving disco ball contributed by another parent.  This ball sat on a stand and was lit while it revolved.  Very 70's!  The children and their teacher danced to the Hustle, and some other disco favorite that were playing on the CD player.  They danced and danced! Mr. Chris had been teaching them dance moves all week, along with some 70's slang! The second section of the room was the lounge.  We created this look by covering a long play table with a plastic, silver tablecloth.  On top of the table we added two lamps (owned by Mr. Chris) that were very 70's.  They were square lamps decorated with squares of dark blue, silver and purple. We also sprinkled the table with silver star confetti. 

Behind the table, on the wall, we hung another purple tablecloth and used more silver stars to decorate that tablecloth.  In front of the table, we placed two beanbags chairs.  The kids had a lot of fun playing on those chairs, and it made for some great photo ops!  The third section of the room was the dining area.  The table was covered with a black tablecloth and sprinkled with silver, star confetti.  Off to the side we had a red lava lamp glowing!  The plates and matching cups were smiley faces trimmed in very bright rainbow colors.   The kids enjoyed a lunch of chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, green beans, heart-shaped cookies and a jello mold shaped like a heart, while they continued to listen to the disco music!  It was a great Valentine's party and a nice break from the traditional red heart Valentine's party.  This party could easily be used as a birthday party theme. 

Try sending the ticket along with the party invitation; teaching some dance moves at the party; and decorating goodie bags to carry home the disco ball necklace, the ticket and perhaps a nice "pet rock" that could easily be made at the party.  There is also some disco theme partyware available at some party supply stores. I think the parents enjoyed this party as much as the kids!

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