Dance Party

Dance Party -12yr- Disco Ball & Christmas Lights




Karen in Coventry, Rhode Island, USA


December 2006


Honorable Mention

For my daugter's 12th birthday party we want it to be very memorable so, we decided to have a dance party.  

Invitations: We made the invintations on the computer and they came out really cool. We made them so that they were like a flyer. They had a border that was baloons on strings,convetti and colorful music notes that were perfect for the party theme. In the center in a really cool font in hot pink we had all of the party details that said Please join us for child's names's 12th birthday party at address on date of party from time of party. Please R.S.V.P by date (with our phone number). We held the party from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm because we thought it would be more fun at night. 12 friends (all girls) were invited. The invintations were passed out in neon envenlopes 2 weeks before the party.  

Decorations: For decorations we bought a disco ball of ebay and hung it from the ceiling. We hung Christmas lights all around the room of the party and we also put like 5 lava lamps around the room. Because this was going to be the dance/karaoke room we pushed all of the chairs to the sides and formed a semi-circle with rows of chairs to look like a real stage. We hung a velvet red curtain with gold ties seperating our dance room (living room) and the eating area (kitchen)to be the back stage curtains.

In the part of the kitchen were the food was being served (see Food below) we had several black lights all around the room. In the part of the kitchen were food was being eaten we had a light that flickered orange all around the room. In all three rooms we had tons of neon colored baloons of all shapes and sizes. 

Food: For food we didn't serve a big meal because of the late hours (7:00 pm to 10:00 pm). We served party pizza and had a nacho bar. At the nacho bar we had everything that you could imagine to put on your nachos (different kinds of nachos, different cheeses, both melted and not, letuce,meat,a large assortment of sauces exc.) We had a vegetable platter with different vegtables and dips. We also had different kinds of chips to have with the dips. We had different kinds of candy laying around too. We didn't have a cake instead we had an ice cream bar where you could pick your own flavor/s of ice cream and put as many topings on as you wanted.

For drinks we had non alchoholic smothies that we injoyed in frosted wine glasses. We also had a punch bowl. 

Activities: When people arrived they got a glo stick and got to choose which color they wanted. As the kids were waiting for other kids to arrive they choose which song they wanted to sing for karaoke. The first activity we did was the karaoke contest.

We had three rounds. In the first round everybody who wanted got to sing a song. Eeach person choose 3 people that they thought were the best and wrote them down on 3 separate pieces of paper. The 5 people with the most votes went onto round 2. In round 2 the 5 best people sang and each person voted for the 2 people that they thought were best. The 2 best people went  to round 3.

Then everybody voted for who they thought was the best and the person with the most votes was the winner. The winner received a giftcard to blockboster video,a magazine cover with their name and picture on it that my daughter made on the computer and a blow up microphone. Now the kids ate pizza and nachos for a half hour. Then we had a dance mat competetion. With the dance mat that my daughter has it allows you to ance to your own cd, so when the kids r.s.v.p.ed we told them to bring there favorite cd (edited of course).

We played the dance mat on elimination mode and it would atamatically tell us the winner. The winner got a giftcard to blockbuster, a computer ade magazine cover and a blow up guitar. Now we had ice cream with topings and opened the gifts. We played a ballon stomp game when everybody had a baloon that they attached to there shoe/lace and they had to go around and pop other people's baloon trying to avoid getting there's popped. The winner got a giftcard to blackbuster video, but inside everybody's ballon was something such as jelly braceletes, glosticks, pens. Then it was time for everybody to go home!

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