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Disco Dance Party -7yr- Music CD Invitation




Sarah in Canberra, Australia


June 2005


Special Mention

Disco/Dance Party 7 year old  Hi! Hope you find some of these ideas helpful! 

THEME: Firstly we decieded that the theme would be dance party with pink and silver 'stars' as an overall decorating theme.  

INVITATIONS: Were made up as a CD with a dozen of my daughters favourite dance songs. We used coloured CD's with matching jewel cases. I made up the details of the party as the cover along the lines of 'You're invited to <insert name> Disco party on <insert date>. Place: Club <insert name> followed by street address.  Time: was 6pm-8pm as the girls wanted it to be dark. RSVP: DJ's <insert parents name> ph 12345678.  The covers were decorated with silver and pink stars punched out of metallic cardstock. If I had the $/time I would have made up proper CD labels, but as it was just wrote on them in permament pen "<insert name> Dance Hits volume #7 (or insert age number) and glitter star stickers.  I then tied the cases up with pretty hot pink curling ribbon and attached a tag with each guests name. We handed these out a couple of weeks out, so the kids had some time to listen to the CD and learn the songs.  I also made a note on the invitation along the lines of "Icecream and cake club speciality" so that parents knew to give their kids dinner before they came. 

DECORATIONS: I cut out a large number of various star shapes from silver, hot pink and metallic pink large sized card stock.  We photocopied a star shape template onto a transparency, and used that to create stars of different sizes.  We used these to decorate the lounge room - aka dancing room.  We moved excess furniture out, to have more space.  We added to the stars streamers in white and pink that were looped around the room.  I managed to find some pink blow up microphones so we hung 2 large ones from the ceiling, and also a shimmering spiral decoration that hung down to the floor. 

We had a silver disco ball hanging in the middle of the room, and also a motorised coloured light type disco ball that rotated that we place on top of the TV cabinet.  I used sparly metallic tinsel type puple material to cover the TV unit, but left the TV screen exposed.  The idea was to set up the video camera so that the girls would be able to watch themselves dancing on the TV. (We couldn'g borrow a camera in the end, but I am sure that would have been a huge hit). We also placed a couple of lava lamps in the room for extra effect.  I cut silver and pink crepe paper into streamers forming 'wavy' strips and stapled them to a strip of cardboard at the top to make streamer curtains that we hung in all the door ways.  I made them half height so they looked good without getting in the way of kids running through. 

I decorated the adjoining entrance area and dining room in a similar style.  I set up 2 adjoining tables in the dining area (where we had no carpet)and decorated them with silver table cloths, hot pink bowls, spoons and napkins, plus silver cups with pink glitter straws. (however the straws became a nuisance so wouldn't do that again - though they looked nice weren't practical). We had helium pink and silver balloons tied to a star balloon weight as a centerpeice.  The final touches to the decorations was that we hired a helium tank from the local party shop and inflated 50 hot pink balloons tied with silver ribbon, and 50 silver balloons tied with hot pink ribbon.  These really made the party atmosphere.

To about half the balloons we tied a glow in the dark braclet in various colours.  This looked super cool, with the lights dimmed.  Some balloons floated so the glowing ring was suspended, and some sank to the floor holding the balloons  at mid height.  This was a huge hit and looked really great. (I think it was how much helium in the balloon that determined this). I also cover the couch with the same tinsl style sparkly material for a funky look. (and to protect Mom's nerves!) 

FOOD:  As it was in the evening we chose not to do regular party food.  We had the girls make icecream sundaes instead, with every kind of topping we could find, sprinkles, M&M's, minimarshmellows, etc.  We justed used vanilla icecream so there wouldn't be any fights !! They really loved making their own creations and eating them.  (I was going to make chocolate stars to place on top too - melted chocolate in a piping bag, draw star shapes on foil, and let set - but I ran out of time).. As we had 21 kids we just made it standing at the table, which worked out fine. Clean up was pretty easy. For the couple of parents that stayed we had pink champagne with strawberries, chocolates, and coffee.  

BIRTHDAY CAKE: We made a chocolate mud cake in a large slab tin, and cut out a star shape.  I Coloured some roll out icing in hot pink, and covered the cake in that one piece for a smooth effect. We bought some large size silver balls from a cake shop (used for wedding cakes I think) and lined the top edge of the cake with these, and then made a large 7 shape in the middle.  The best way to attach these is with a little bit of egg white. Works like glue.  We then used the regular sized silver balls and placed them around the rest of the top of the cake, about 1 inch apart.  The sides I wrapped ribbon (I found a wired edged ribbon about 2-3 inches wide in sparkly silver with pink trim).  Then I piped hot pink icing edging along the bottom of the cake to finish it off. We used hot pink glitter candles. It sounds like a lot of work, but it really didn’t take that long, once I had all the stuff together.   

COSTUME:  My birthday girl wore a disco outfit we found at a party shop - that wasn't too expensive.  It had pink zebra pants and a matching pink zebra jacket, edged by black fluffy fur, and plain pink crop top.  She initially wore slip ons that had a little heel - but they were soon discarded as the dancing began ! We found some disco ball earings, and used pink and glitter hair spray to complete the look ! We didn't do make up as I ran out of time, and kinda thought it would just come of when they got dancing anyway.  

GAMES:  When the guests arrived, we had the music going - songs from the CD invitiation, so the girls were familiar, and the lights dimmed and the coloured disco ball going.  The kids were happy to danceand play with the balloons while everyone arrived.  First game was pass the parcel - made up with one layer for each child in alternating pink and silver tissue paper, plus an extra layer in the very middle that was wrapped in gold that contained the prize.  Each layer was a glow braclet so everyone could have their own glowing jewelry.  When the music stopped whoever holding the parcel opened one layer. When everyone had one, it was the final layer I turned my back so as it was ranom who one the main prize. (a hot pink stuffed toy dragon).   Then we did musical statues, musical bobs and the limbo.  After that they did free dancing while I got the icecreams served. 

The girls then came in and made their sundaes.  As a more quite game after eating we played passed the microphone, where everyone sat in a circle, and when the music stopped whoever was holding the microphone had to sing a song. They then got to chose a prize from the basket, which included makeup, hair things etc. This was quite cute.  Then they danced a bit more, (while I cleaned up from the icecream)and we did the birthday cake.(candles,sing happy birthday etc)  We were running out of time by now, so the girls went back to the disco room, and my daughter opened her gifts, and thanked the girls.  We cut each child a piece of cake and wrapped it to take home.  

FAVOURS:  Goody bags were hot pink and I printed out a thank you label to each guest and stuck that on the front.  Inside we put a heart necklace that was filled with lollies, a couple of braclets, and some candy.  Each guest also took home glow bracelets, a couple of balloons and piece of birthday cake.    It was over before we knew it, but I think everyone had a great time. I know I was exhausted at the end ! If we had more time/energy I was thinking fairly lights strung around would have looked nice too. 

It is mid winter here, so we were confined to indoors, so that’s why we didn't do a pianta.  We were lucky that due to the cool weather the helium balloons stayed up until the next day, so my kids had a blast just playing with the 50 or so left over balloons ! Made some good photo's !  Thanks to everyone at this site for contributing and helping me get my party ideas !

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