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All-Star Cheerleaders -10yr- Build Your Burger!






January 2005


Special Mention

All-Star Cheerleader Party! My daughter is an All-Star cheereleader and she was turning 10yrs so what better theme than an All-Star Cheerleader party in my back yard.

INVITATIONS-I drew a megaphones on red posterboards $ cut them out. On one side I used blue fabric paint to trim all around the edge of the megaphone. In silver glitter fabric paint I wrote "All-Star Cheerleader Party" On the other side of the megaphone, I wrote in with Blue ink "Come show your spirit at Jazmines 10th birthday party" I wrote in the time, date etc.. & at the bottom I wrote "So girls wear your cheer gear & boys wear your jerseys & join the pep rally." Some girls used their cheerleader uniforms others used oufits that said the word "Cheer" & some boys wore basket ball uniforms others were jerseys.

CENTERPIECES-First of all I picked red, white & blue as the theme colors. For center pieces,I went to a craft store and bought 5 red and blue large sized megaphones. I glue gunned around the megaphone red, white & blue ribbon (the ribbon used on cheerleader uniforms found at the craft store) making a criss cross and cut the ends in a slanted style. I also found plastic cheerleaders that had red & white uniforms $.20 and glue gunned those on to the middle of the crissed crossed ribbon. I purchased red, white & blue pom pons from Oriental Trading and placed one on each side of the megapone. I used red, white & blue table covers for the tables.

OTHER DECORATIONS-I drew large & medium sized stars on red, white & blue posterboards & used the same colored glitter for a shiney effect. On one of the points I made holes with a hole puncher and hung them around the tent with streamers(I borrowed two tents from my family) Using 2 large cardboard boxes, I opened them up so they could lay flat on the floor. I drew a picture of a cheerleader the size of my daughter on one cardboard box and a basketball player just a bit taller than my daughter on the other. Instead of drawing in the face, I cut out the face part so the kids can place their faces. Like the ones you find in amusment parks. I used two boards to stand them up. I used craft paint to paint in the uniforms and skin tones. The kids had a ball with those taking pics. 

Using even 2 larger cardboard boxes, I drew 2 large megaphones, cut them out and painted them blue. I then took a red plastic table cover and glued one of the edges to the edge of one megaphone and the other table cover edge to the other megaphone. With extra cardboard not used, I drew the word "CHEERLEADER" in an arch position in bubble words, painted it silver and stapled it on the top of both megaphones so when you stand them up, it would resemble the background of a photo taken at a professional photographers studio. I stood it up against my fence so the girls could take their pics. I also created my own spirit signs. I used 10 white posterboards and wrote in different spirit words like "Go team go!" "All-Stars #1" in red $ blue marker and taped them up on different places of my fence.

At the enterance I made a special poster that stated "Jazmine Alexa 2004-2005 All Star Cheerleader" and taped streamers to it. I put the cake table against the wall & taped red, white & blue stars on the wall around another posterboard that stated "Happy Birthday All-Star Cheerleader" and seeing that I was a former cheerleader,I placed my high school megaphone on one side of the cake and my pom pons on the other side which the table came out looking great because my high shool colors were red, white & blue. I rented a heilum tank and blew up red, white & blue balloons and placed them all over my yard. My yard looked like a huge pep rally. Each girl received a set of pom pons $ each boy received a basketball(oriental trading)

ENTERTAINMENT-We played relay races with the kids & the winner would get a trophy(oriental trading) I asked 10 older All-Star cheerleaders from my daughters team to perform and teach the girls a cheer. My daughter didn't expect that so when the girls came in, they came in doing flips and yelling out "Go Jaz go." My daughter ended up doing the routine and cheer with them while the guests watched & oohhed and aahhed when they would throw my daughter up in the air doing different stunts. The other girls learned the cheer and at the end they performed the cheer for the parents.  MUSIC-I downloaded music from the movies "Bring it on" & "You got Served."

CANDY BAGS-For the girls I purchased medium sized red & blue megaphones and with fabric paint I wrote "go team" "cheer" "dance" etc. For the boys I purchased plastic sport cups and filled both megaphones & cups with candy.

PINATA-I ordered from a pinata maker a cheerleader in my size which it came out to be 5'1" with a red, white & blue uniform and pom pons. I gave her a pic of a cartoon cheerleader so she could guide herself. 

FOOD-For the cake, I went to a bakery that uses a special machine to place a photo of my daughter on the cake that is eatable. So I used a pic of my daughter in her uniform and used the words "Happy Birthday Jazmine-rising star!" My husband and I made hamburgars and placed all the trimmings on a table like a buffet and told everyone "build your own spirit burgars" and handed out single sized chip bags for everyone(bought in a bulk at Sams Whs) and we served punch for drinks. 

Everyone had a great time & waiting for the next party. Pictures taken in front of the megaphones or stand up cheerleader or basketball player for each child were later developed and sent as a thank you cards. My daughter said it was the best birthday party she's ever had.

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