Crocodile Party

Crocodile Hunter -7yr- Crocodile Hunter Invite






August 2001


Honorable Mention

My 7 year old son is a huge "Crocodile Hunter" fan.  Since there is nothing out yet for parties, we put our own together. 

First I took a photo of Steve & his wife holding a crocodile (a card from the board game) on the computer.  I superimposed my son's photo in his wife's place.  Inside, trying to carry the Australian slang throughout, we wrote; "oh crikey! It’s a birthday safari" won't you join me favorite bloke and I on an excursion through the rain forest? 

We are on a scavenger hunt for the wildest animals!  You'll need your swimming trunks and a towel.  We may take a daring climb down a waterfall, so be prepared for some dangerous adventures!  The "waterfall" was a waterslide that I rented from a moonwalk place. 

We had a 6ft "crocodile" pool float that each boy sat on, pretending to wrestle as I took their photos.  Their craft was making frames for the photos.  I used tiger striped foam board and glued wild animal foam cutouts in two corners that held the photo at an angle, with a magnet glued to the back, it was ready for the fridge.  

I hid plastic crocodile animals through the back yard for the hunt. 

I made a crocodile cake, cutting two rectangle cakes free hand, candy corn claws, green icing and marshmallow teeth.  The place setting was your "zoology" pattern.  I ordered goodie bags and just added crocodile gummy candy. 

The 'thank you' notes were the same front cover (like the invitation), I just added "thanks mate!" on the front and my son hand wrote the inside. 

It was awesome!

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