Crocodile Party

Crocodile Hunter -4yr- Safari Hunt




Julie in Susanville, California  USA


August 2001


Honorable Mention

Crocodile Hunter Party  Good day mates. For my son's 4th birthday we hosted a Crocodile Hunter party (Animal Plant). 

For the invitations I printed off of the internet a picture of the Crocodile Hunter and glued it to the front of the invitation and asked the kids to come hunt crocs with Harrison. On the inside I said we would be stalking spiders, having a snake hunt and wrestling crocs.  The invitations had an Australian theme as well.  

For party decorations (since there is not any crocodile hunter supplies yet) I used a jungle theme.  I also took white butcher paper and spray painted it black to look like a zebra.  I had these hung outside where the guests would arrive and where they will make their safari bags. 

The day of the party I gave my son a Crocodile Hunter t-shirt to wear for his big day. As the guests arrived they made their safari bags (brown paper lunch bags).  I had makers for them to color with and wild animal stickers. 

Once all the guests were there and had created their bags we gathered for our safari hunt.  I gave clues for each creature we were hunting. I had hung plastic spiders in the tree in our back yard from yarn.  The clues:  "these have six eyes, eight legs and hang from webs". 

After each child had their spider we gathered for our next clue: "these have no legs, smell with their tongues and slither in the grass".  Plastic snakes were hid on our back lawn.  Final creatures were crocodiles hid in our empty small kids pool. 

Clue: "these animals are very dangerous, they eat meat, live in rivers and swamps, are brown and green and have huge mouths".  (I purchased the snakes and crocodiles at Wal-Mart for .97 each).   

We then opened presents and had our crocodile cake. 

We ended the party with a crocodile pinata. 

All the kids loved the safari hunt and enjoyed the creatures they were able to take home.

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