Crocodile Party

Crocodile Hunter -6yr- Australian Foods




Dawn in Hagerstown, Md  USA


August 2002



Theme:  Crocodile Hunter  For my son's 6th birthday, he had a "Crocodile Hunter" party. 

I made the invitations with a print master program and wrote on the front "By crikey, it's a birthday party" with a picture of a man holding a crocodile. 

For paper goods, I couldn't find anything with crocodiles, so I just used my son's favorite color, red.  The tablecloth was made from brown craft paper with pictures of crocodiles that I printed from the computer glued on and different colored crayons and markers writing sayings like "danger danger danger" and "crikey", etc. 

I made the cake to look like Steve Irwin and put a toy alligator in his arms. 

I served Australian foods like vegemite sandwiches, Australian Dinkum Chili, Damper (a type of bread) and I ordered some authentic Australian snack foods off the internet.  I also got my recipes for the food off the internet.  I also had the usual veggie tray and cheese tray in case the kids didn't like the Australian fare. (The grown-ups loved it!) 

The piƱata was an alligator. 

Goody bags were filled with toy alligators, and some other small toys and stickers. 

Crocodile merchandise is hard to find!!  This was a really fun party!

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