Crocodile Party

Crocodile Hunter Party - Croc Walk




Lisa in Brooklyn Park, MN USA


Dec 2002



My son loves the Crocodile Hunter and I turned it into a party for him! I bought all of the children straw safari hats and I bought my son an actual Crocodile Hunter Halloween costume on Ebay!

The invitations said "You're Invited to Jacob's Jungle" "Be prepared to enter the land of crocodiles and snakes....."

When they arrived, I had a crocodile coloring sheet for them to work on until everyone got there.

For games we played "Drop the Snakes and Crocodiles in the Bottle" and we used his little plastic snakes and crocodiles.

We then did a "Croc Walk" and I had pictures of different crocodiles on 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper taped to the floor. I played music and when the music stopped, whoever wasn't on a Croc was eliminated. The winners of the games received a Crocodile Hunter puzzle from Target.

I had a cake made with a Crocodile on it. I even downloaded soundbites off of the Crocodile Hunter's website and played them at different times during the party. The kids enjoyed hearing "Crikey" the most!

For treat bags, they all received plastic snakes, jungle notebook and pencil, and worm candy.

They all had a great time!

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