Crocodile Party

Crocodile Hunter -5yr- Blow-up Croc Wrestling




Stacey in Knoxville, TN


October 2006



Crocodile Hunter theme:  for my son's 5th birthday he wanted a crocodile hunter party, his favorite tv show! 

So for the invitations I had to make them.  I used Green and khaki card stock and lots of croc stickers and rafia.  The invitation read: G'Day mates, it's time for a party!  By Crikey, Michael is turning 5!!  July XX is when we'll meet for pizza and something Aussie sweet.  5:30 in the outback where we'll hunt for crocs and snakes galore!  Please RSVP to me mum (with our number)  I hope to seeme favorite mates there! 

The party was outside in our backyard, where I set up a bobbing for crocs area with a small baby pool and some of the squishy crocodiles from oriental trading. 

I bought a large croc blow up pool toy so we could wrestle crocs (the kids loved this) and we had spider races! 

I bought spiders from the party store and the kids had to race with the spider on their nose! 

The party was so much fun!  For the cake I did a crocodile cake (found it at family fun)and we made cupcakes with homemade crocodile chocolates on top!  My cake is pictured on Cakecentral.com, under crocodile cakes!

This party was so much fun to plan and all the kids had a blast!

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