Crayon Party

Color Party -13yr- Crayon Centerpiece




Jillian in Pompton Plains, NJ, USA


August 2005


Honorable Mention

Color Party 13

Invitations: I found rainbow paper at a scrapbook, so I used that as my base.  I cut the edges with scrapbook scissors and I typed information, cut it with scrapbook scissors, and pasted it into the middle of the invitation.  I also glued on star confetti, which came in different colors.  The information read, "Are you RED-y to come to NAME's AGE Birthday Party? This colorful celebration will be at ADDRESS on DATE/TIME to DATE/TIME (if it's a sleepover).  RSVP by DATE/PHONE NUMBER.  Your color is COLOR HERE. If you can, please try to wear your color to the party." 

I invited 5 people to my party, and I gave them each a color: red, green, blue, pink, white, black.  I was going to do a Rainbow theme, but not many people have indigo, yellow, or orange clothing.

Decorations: I had different colored balloons, a white tablecloth with red tableware, and a centerpiece that I made, out of crayons.  I glued crayons around a circle of cardboard, and then I glued another circle inside that circle, at the top, so it looked like a cake with crayons on the side and no frosting.  Then, I painted the top circle white and glued 13 crayons on for candles, since I was turning 13.  It looked extremely cute and it really went with the theme.

Food: Regular pizza for dinner, a cake with rainbow frosting (from the bakery), and donuts with sprinkles and Fruit Loops for breakfast (there was also other cereal but I made sure to get this one since it was rainbow colored).


WELCOMING GAME:  As the guests arrived, I lead them to a big piece of paper I had taped on the wall that said NAME'S AGE BIRTHDAY!.  I gave them some crayons and I told them to write anything at all they wanted about me. 

COLOR SCAVENGER HUNT:  I split up the guests into 3 groups of 2 and I handed each of them a piece of paper with items on it.  There were 2 items of every color at the party (2 red, green, blue, pink, white, and black items).  The teams had to go get the items and put it in a red gift bag I gave each team.  The first team to come back with all the items won! 

HOW MANY THINGS ARE...?:  I gave each guest a pen and a piece of paper and I gave them 3 minutes to write down things they could think of that was their color.  The person with the most items in their color won! 

COLOR CRAZE:  Each guest had 3 minutes to write down as many colors as they could think of.  Whoever had the most items won! 

COLOR MAGAZINE HUNT:  I made 3 groups of 2 again and I gave each team a teen magazine.  They had to find and cut out as many items in both of their colors that they saw in a magazine.  For example, if white and pink were together, they would have to look for white items, pink items, or white and pink items.  For each picture they found, they got one point.  Items with both their colors in it got 2 points.  The team with the most points after that won. 

COLOR THINKER:  We split into 2 groups of 3 this time, and I gave each group some posterboard and markers.  They had to think of a funny new color to add to the Crayola Collection, like barf green or eggs yellow.  They had 15 minutes to think of a new color and advertise it on the posterboard any way they wanted to.  Then, they showed the other groups their funny colors and whosever was the best won!...Prizes: Prizes could be small drawing pads, small boxes of crayons, or small watercolor sets.

Goody Bags: In their goody bags were a pack of colored pencils, a notebook, crayon erasers, and something in each of their colors. 


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