Crayon Party

Crayon Theme -2yr- Crayon Ribbon Barrettes




machala in washington, MI , USA


January 2005


Special Mention

My daughter turned 2 and she loves to color and occasionally eat a crayon or two, so I decided on a crayon themed party.

First I made invitations on Publisher with various crayon clip art and inserted pictures of my daughter coloring. The inside read "Binney & Smith introduced the first Crayola crayon in 1903 and Maddie was introduced to the world in 2002. Both have "colored and brightened our lives." The next page read a "Colorful Party" and the font was  done in various colors giving all the needed detail. Next, I took my digital camera and bought new boxes of 48 crayons.

I took various photos of the front and back of the  crayon box with my digital camera on a white background. I also took various shots of spilled crayons. I uploaded them and then printed them on fabric adhesive paper (found at JoAnn fabrics) and ironed the front of the box on a white long sleeved little top. The photo of the back of the box was put on the back of the shirt along with the shot of spilled crayons beneath it. I put the photo of 2 crayons on each sleeve to represent her age. I got tons of "Oh my gosh...how clever" on the shirt. I have to admit...it was adorable.

I also bought plain silver barrettes and covered them with a thin crayon ribbon (satin) and made a simple bow on each. In the center of the bow I took the tip of a new crayon(cut just below the tip) and hotglued it to the middle of the bow. These turned out so cute, and I made one for each girl attending   the party. I also burned a cd with various "color" themed songs to play in the background. (ex. Yellow submarine,  Prince's "Purple Rain", Aerosmith's Pink is My Favorite Color, Chevelle's "The Red", Chicago's "Color My World", Phill Collin's "True Colors" and Counting Crows"Color Blind") just to name a few.

The foods were my daughter's favorite foods (pizza, chicken wings,chips, etc.) I did have "colorful"snacks at the tables (M & M's, gummies, and gumdrops. The cake was done with a frosting bow and big colorful dots and I found crayon candles at a local store. I served crayon shaped icecream popsicles found at the local grocery store. Those were a hit.  Activites: At the kids table there were colorful shoelace strings (purchased at JoAnn fabrics). The kids used these to make colorful fruitloop necklaces.

The table cloth was a large floor coloring sheet (plastic with already printed pictures to color) that can be reused. Each place setting had a coloring book that I put together. I copied pictures of all of my daughter's favorite things from various toddler coloring books (a doll, icecream cone, Elmo, etc. ) and made copies and stapled it together. The cover had a huge picture of a crayon box and read "All of Maddie's favorite Things." Each place setting also had crayon mugs waiting for the kids (Oriental Trading).

The adult table had quizes at each table. I went on line to Crayola.com and got various facts about crayons and typed of a trivia sheet that the adults had to fill out while the kids played. The adults had a blast! They were so competetive and the top three winners won crayon notepads and the first place won a  crayon picture frame. Because the kids were all around two, the games were kept simple. I bought blow up crayons (Oriental Trading) and played Ring the Crayon (with ring toss rings from another game).

The biggest hit was a cardboard coloring house that you assemble and color. I put out a big bucket of crayons and the kids had a great time coloring inside and out. I  also have pictures of every adult participating at one time or another:) 

The gift bags included crayon band-aids, mini coloring books and crayons, small slate chalkboards with a crayon logo at the top, the inflatable crayons, crayon barrettes, and for the babies books about colors. 

The decorations consisted of different color balloons, various colored plates, utensils and napkins. I didn't go overboard, I chose a few main colors that I liked in cups, napkins, etc. and went with that. On each of the adult cups I printed out a sticker with a name of a crayon color and put them on the cups. (Ex. Purple passion, maize, ocean breeze). This helped the adults remember which cup was theirs and they had fun picking out a color that suited them. The kids plates, cups, and napkins had crayons on them and were purchased on Crayola.com. The party was a big success. Both kids and adults had a lot of fun!

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