Crayon Party

Crayon Party -2yr- Crayon Box Invite




Sara in Dade City, Florida


Feb. 2004


Honorable Mention

I had a crayon party for my son's 2nd birthday.  

The invitations i made myself. I took bright yellow card stock paper, and with a home computer printed landscape (horizontal instead of vertical): Jay is 2 years old! , come scribble with us, date & time, non toxic at the bottom. on the inside it gave the specific's. after ward, i cut them straight down the middle (so now i have two invites out of one paper). I folded the top 3 times. twice to make the top of a crayon box, (where the box hangs)then glue that part together. The third fold is to create the top of the box (where normally there would be a flap to open the box).

Then i scanned and printed just the part of a regular crayon box where the crayons show. I printed enough of those out. With a sharp ultility knife, i cut a cresent in the top of the invite. Then i glued the copies of the crayons from the inside, to complete the 3-d Affect. I also cut out the hanger part on the top of the invite.  

The cake was a 9 x 13 cake with the top edged off. I colored swiss miss rolls and shaped them as a crayon, and colored them one for each color. I placed those at the top of the cake, in the edged out 1\2 oval. I frosted the rest of the cake yellow, with green as a cake box.  

For decorations I took 5 1\2 gallon milk containers and covered each one with a different color. then i took the leftover card stock from the invites and covered them and made a crayon box. I decorated the front with the green lines and "Jay's 2nd birthday". I toped it off with "CRAYON" at the top (where the Crayola should be, but that is copyrighted- you can't use that name!) as well as the top where the box would normally hang, complete with the hole there too.

Then I folded colored paper in half and cut out crayon shapes at an angle. (making sure to not clip off the sides). That way when I opened it up, it was a long line of cute crayons (think paper dolls). I also bought those large crayon banks from the toy store, as well as Posterboard cut outs in primary colors with the number '2'. I took a plain colored table cloth, and cut ribbon (shorted than 6 inches) in corresponding colors (ie: blue table cloth, red, yellow & green ribbon laying on it, between the cake & plates and things). This gave it a liitle extra color.  

For the food I made jello jigglers of each color of crayon, then cut them out with a crayon cookie cutter. I took mini cucumbers and sliced the tips off of them to make crayon shapes, as well as doing the same with celery and carrots.

I had a fruit plate with the colors of the crayons too: Strawberrys, blueberrys, honey dew, cantalope, and banana chips. I also used 'funfetti' ice cream for the extra colors.  I provided lots of crayon crafty ideas (have the kids color index cards, two the same, and a play momory game with them). I had a lot of paper and crayons for coloring.

For gifts I gave each child a small box of crayons and coloring books I bought at the dollar store.

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