Crayon Party

Crayon Party -4yr- Crayon Box Cake




Gina in Overland Park, Kansas USA


October 2004


Honorable Mention

Our daughter Katie loves to color so for her 4th birthday we decided to throw her a crayon birthday party. 

The invitations read, "Our Budding Artist is turning four! We’ll have crayons, markers,  paper and more! There will be lots to create, come help us celebrate!   

She had 7 friends (preschool and neighborhood friends). 

We started off with a coloring activity while we waited for everyone to arrive.  They colored little puzzles from Oriental Trading Co. and then got to take the puzzles home afterwards.  We then read a book called, "The Crayon Box that Talked." 

After that, it was time to "Feed the Crocodile" - of course, he was hungry for crayons!  (It was a version of drop the clothes pin into the milk carton).  I decorated a milk carton to look like a croc with a wide mouth full of teeth.  The kids then dropped crayons into its mouth. 

After that, it was time for version of "Musical Chairs" where the kids were supposed to walk around the table with a "Color Wonder" marker in hand and when the music stopped, they were to stop at a piece of paper that had been taped to the table and start coloring.  When the music started again, they were to get up and walk again with the idea that each paper would have a little bit drawn by several different kids.  They each got to take home a picture created by several artists!  Each one was unique. 

We then had a relay with some 44" long blow-up crayons (OTC).  We had two teams of 4 kids.  They had to run with one of the giant crayons in their hands down the length of our backyard and then back again and pass off the crayon to the next kid.  They had so much fun they all wanted to do it again.  Even Chase, our 2 year old son,wanted to do it!  

After that we went on a scavenger hunt.  I'd decorated yellow gift bags to look like a box of crayons and had each child's name on a bag.  I'd cut out big crayon shapes out of construction paper in 5 different colors and taped a variety of things to each color (set of markers, box of crayons, twistable crayons, crayon shaped pad of paper, etc.)  The kids then had to walk around the yard and find one crayon of each of the 5 colors and fill up their box of crayons.  They all had a blast doing it. 

After that it was onto the pinata which Katie and I had made out of paper mache.  It was painted yellow, her favorite color and was filled with a little candy, but mainly stuff to color with - markers, sidewalk chalk, etc.  Each kid got several hits and the anticipation built as we could see markers starting to poke through!  It finally cracked open just like and egg spilling the contents and all the kids huddled around the puddle of goodies to stuff into their bags.  It was then time to open gifts and finally eat cake. 

The cake was made to look like a box of crayons.  It was a 9x13 cake with one end modified (sliced 1/2 through horizontally about 1/3 of the way through the cake)  That piece was removed the whole cake frosted with Crayon Box yellow/gold and green triangles.  I then cut 2 ice cream cones in 1/2 and frosted each one a different color (red, yellow, green, blue) and placed them where the piece of removed cake was.  We even added sprinkles to the cake batter to add some color to the white cake as if you were opening a box of crayons and seeing all sorts of colors. 

One of Katie's friends exclaimed, "Gina, this is the best party ever!"  It was so much fun!

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