Color Favorite Party

Yellow Party -3yr- Yellow Snacks




Joan in Fort Worth, Texas, USA


February 2001



We put on a "yellow" party for my son's third birthday, since yellow is his favorite color. 

We decided to use yellow animals and foods (natural things)for the theme rather than going the route of a schoolbus, taxi, construction vehicles and traffic signs (which is another option).    We started by designing our own invitation using our computer graphics package and putting a big yellow sun and different yellow animals on the front of it along with the words "It's a YELLOW Party." 

We used a sun, giraffe, duck, fish, butterfly and a bumble bee. On the inside it said "for _____" and then "Wear YOUR favorite color and come join the fun." 

To welcome the children, we put a 6 foot tall giraffe (drawn and cut out of yellow paper)on the front door with a few balloons on the door knob.  As they arrived we gave each one a yellow animal sticker (we made them using the invitation graphics) and took his/her picture with the giraffe. We also asked his/her favorite color. We sent the pictures out with the thank you notes. 

Activities - For activities we made yellow candy necklaces and we made mustard pictures by pressing with a finger on mustard put into zip-lock bags. We also sang a song about colors. 

Cake - The birthday  cake was yellow inside and out, with ice cream cones (sugar-type) sticking out the sides to make it look like a big sun.  When we sang Happy Birthday, we all walked around the cake (on a round table) three times (with my son at the front of the line of course) to symbolize his three years and the rotation of the earth around the sun. 

Favors - We made cookie bouquets for favors (shaped and decorated like the animals on the invitations using leftover yellow icing from the cake and some orange to trim them), mostly butterflies and giraffes. We made the bouquets in clay pots and personalized them by writing (with yellow-paint pen) each child's name on the pot.   

We also gave them an idea and some items to make the pot into a conversation piece (after the cookies are gone)-- we cut out a sun, white cloud, gray cloud with rain from stiff felt and glued each to a Popsicle stick.  We tied these together with a piece of Raphia and added a little rolled up piece of paper saying essentially "use these items to discuss/report the weather or maybe to talk about your feelings. Just stick them into the Styrofoam that is already in your pot."  

Snacks -lots of yellow snacks - cheddar cheese cubes and pineapple chunks served with yellow frilly toothpicks- yellow sweet pepper slices, tortilla chips, popcorn.   

Party table - Plain white plastic table cloth and then we just set out plain yellow plates, cups and napkins and a yellow party hat at each child's place.  We did an impromptu and inexpensive centerpiece by arranging bananas and lemons down the middle of the table. 

We tied a big bunch of balloons to some of the fruit in the center and stuck those little yellow drink umbrellas in the others.  My son had lots of fun shopping in the grocery store for all the yellow snacks and centerpiece decorations. 

I just said, let's go shopping for "yellow things" and then we did sort of an "I spy" something yellow thing as we went through different areas of the store.  He loved it!

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