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Mark in Rapid City, SD, USA


January, 2000


Honorable Mention

Balloon Birthday- This party uses balloons extensively to create a colorful fun atmosphere, but also for party activities. 

First, buy 3 or four gross of a variety of colored balloons plus a bag on long animal balloons with a cheap how to make balloon animals book.  Preparation for the party requires a compressor or a lot of wind. 

Send invitations with a balloon on them and even insert a balloon that the children can blow up with the party details, date, time, location (this does not have to happen at home!) 

Before the party, blow up balloons to decorate the house and/or yard with.  Ring the doors with balloons.  Make a balloon shaped cake.  Have balloons hanging from the ceiling.  Blow up some of the long balloons to make simple balloon hats (ala instructions from the balloon animal making book).  also, fill up a trash bag of balloons.  Have a slip in some of the balloons for party favors the child will get as they leave the party.   

As each child arrives, make them a balloon hat.  (You may want to make all hats with part of the balloon sticking up.  If you do, you can play human ring toss with the balloon hats and balloon rings made from the long balloons.)  Have them go to the room or area where all the activities will be held. 


Balloon Bobbing- Have one 12" balloon and throw it into the air.  All the kids try to keep the balloon in the air using only their heads. 

Balloon Volley Ball- Tie a piece of string between the backs of chairs and have kids play volleyball, hitting balloon no more than three times to get over the string. 

Balloon Javelin Throw- Make a ring or several rings out of long balloons and have kids try to throw another long balloon or round balloon into the rings. 

Human ring Toss-  All kids have balloon hats on their heads with a section sticking up.  Have one child on a chair toss balloon rings made from long balloons into the air while the other children try to catch them on their heads. 

Balloon Invasion- Make an obstacle course using balloons.  All children try to make it through the hallway or course without touching a balloon. 

Balloon Battle- Tie a round balloon on each child's ankle.  Have children stand on a rug or square on the floor and try to pop the other's balloons. 

Balloon stomp- End the party by having all children stomp on about 100 balloons. 

There should be enough prize slips inserted in these balloons before they are blown up so that each child gets a party favor before the leave.  OR End the party with a Balloon piƱata.

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