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Balloon Party -4yr- Balloon Ice for Punch




Regan in Portland Oregon USA


May 2001


Honorable Mention

We just had a terrific Balloon party for a 4 year old but could easily be any age!

We started with invitations written on blown up balloons they said "Why don't you pop on over to Adrien's 4th birthday!" and all the extra info. I included a little balloon punch saying to blow up the balloon for a special message!

We had the party in the back yard I had bunches of helium filled balloons in different areas around the backyard I hung brightly colored streamers and made a balloon arch to walk through into the backyard.

We also put balloons out on the street to help new friends find us! I filled a wading pool with a little water then the rest with water balloons in different sizes to play with. Plus I had air filled ones on the grass to kick and throw around!

For activities we filled balloons with thinned tempera paint and pricked a little hole then we rolled newsprint paper down the driveway for the kids to make pictures using the balloons by squeezing the paint out (we got a roll end of paper from our local newspaper press) It made a great mess but the kids loved the mixing colors and then making foot prints by walking through it!

The kids also made balloon people by pre-cutting foam feet and putting the knot through the feet so they could stand. The kids decorated them with stickers, markers, paper and tape etc.

We played balloon stomp by tying yarn to the kids ankle and the other end to a balloon the kids try to keep their balloon from being popped while trying to pop the other guests balloons. Other games we had were a water balloon toss and greased balloon relay for older kids (non greased for younger guests).

For food I froze some small hand sized water balloons for the punch and to put on the fruit and veggie trays to keep things cool. We had a bar-be-que with the normal stuff.

I made a balloon shaped cake using a bowl and cutting a triangle out of a square cake for the knot then I used a piece of rope licorice for the string! I dyed coconut blue for the sky and used some white for clouds. Ice cream was pre made into balloon shapes by taking a square block of ice cream slicing it then using a cookie cutter to cut out the balloon shape then refrozen till party time!

For take home treats, I again used balloons; I put pencils, small candies, little trinkets in a balloon then blew it up and tied it so all the treasures were inside.

The party was great and the theme worked great for a variety of ages toddler through grade school!

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