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Blue Party -6yr- Blue Foods & Treats




Maribel in Orion IL USA


May 2008


Honorable Mention

My son Max wants a blue party for his 6th birthday.  We are planning for 12 boys. 

INVITATION: I created the invitations on my computer using 8 1/2 x 11 blue cardstock.  In large letters I wrote Max's Blueiest Birthday Party".  I added some clipart of balloons and a cake and wrote "Max is having a party with fun things to do So please come and join us and wear something blue We've started the fun with this puzzle for you."  The writing and clipart were all in blue.  I then took the invitations and ran them through a die cut machine using a puzzle die cut shape.  (I work at a library and have access to one).  I also took blue cardstock to make an addition square shape. 

On one side I wrote "Max's Blueiest Birthday Party" and on the other I wrote the party details (betting on the fact that the puzzle pieces may get lost before the party).  I placed this along with the puzzle pieces in CD envelopes that we were discarding from work so that you could read "Max's Blueiest Birthday Party" through the celephane window.   

DECORATIONS: Blue everything.  Tablecloth napkins bowls balloons streamers plasticware.   

ACTIVITIES GAMES & FAVORS:  Kind of a combo here.  As the boys arrive they'll decorate a small blue canvas bag using foam letters and shapes.  This will be their goodie bag.  After they decorate their bags we'll do a simple scavenger hunt to find some of their party favors. 

I found blue plastic wrist bands little blue bottles of bubbles balloon blowers/horns with blue balloons attached and blue toothbrushes (individually wrapped from the orthodontist's office). These we'll hide throughout the back yard. After they find these favors they will also make blue slime (white glue and Borax) and take that home in little blue containers. 

Lastly I bought tiny terra cotta pots that I painted blue with some leftover blue spray paint.  The kids can decorate these with acrylic paint and transplant the Texas Bluebonnets which have been started for them. 

In addition to the scavenger hunt we'll have a water balloon toss (using only blue balloons of course) and play a game or two of tag if we need to kill some time. 

PARTY SNACKS:  Keeping it simple.  Blue corn chips with dip blueberries with blue Cool Whip blue Jell-O Jigglers and blue Gaterade. 

CAKE:  I'm making a 6" blue velvet cake decorated with blue frosting and colored sprinkles for Max.  I found a tiny blue #6 candle and will add 6 regular blue candles encircling the #6.  The guests will have individual cupcakes decorated the same as the cake and (my son thought of this) each cupcake will have it's own blue candle so the kids can make their own wishes at the same time as Max. For icecream Blue Bunny Birthday Party icecream with the blue ribbon of frosting in it.  Perfect and yummy! 

We'll do the pinata last.  I lucked out and found a blue and white traditional looking star pinata.  Candy was hard to find but I lucked out there too.  I found Tootsie Roll Frooties and Laffy Taffy in bulk at a local dollar store (all blue) Razzles Hershey's Kisses wrapped in blue and Brach's Milkmade in blue.  But the luckiest find was the police men.  Like green army men… only blue… and police men… and best of all only $1.00 per bag of about 20-30.  

This is Max's first party with school friends and I always like to invite the parents and siblings to stay if they'd like.  I actually write this on the invitation.  I think it makes parents feel more comfortable if they don't already know you.  I make sure I have plenty to eat and drink and cake for everyone. 

I also invite everyone to play and offer some type of favor for siblings like leftover favors from other parties or unopened fast food toys.  Anything cheap and/or free.

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