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Pink & Chocolate Party -2yr- Pink Topiaries




jill in las vegas, nv usa


January 2008


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 2nd birthday, I wanted to do something special and sweet, since this will probably be the last year I get to decide on the theme.  I decided this theme about a year in advanced, so I bought anything pink and brown that I could use for the party, including my daughter's brown velvet with pink bown party dress.

Our invitations wre pink and brown to go with the Pink & Chocolate theme.  I ordered theme from Target so I could use my own wording.  We also purchased our thank you cards at target which were pink and brown. 

I purchased ton of pink and brown ribbon & scapebooking paper form Joann's to make a lot of the decorations myself.  I wrapped the front door in pink and brown wrappin paper and made a sign saying Welcome to Hayden's Pink and Chocolate Party, with a big bow they can make for you at most party supply places.  I made 2 differnt types of topiaries as center pieces on the dinning tables.  I bought differnt shapes and sizes paper punches of flowers and leaves that could be layered in different colors and patterns.  I layered the flowers on long push pins that had a pretty pearl head on it to make the center of the flower then stuck them in a large foam ball. 

Then I purchased and painted wooden dowls which where placed in a color cordinated flower pot that had a piece of foam in it.  To cover the foam in the pot, I purchased moss from the dollar store and glued it to the foam.  I accented the topiaries with ribbons either around the pot our under the ball around the wooden dowl.  The 2nd topiary was much more time consuming.  I cut out small strips of scrapebook paper then rolled them into curls, them pinned and gled each one the a foam ball.  Then I did all the same techniques as the 1st topiary.  Took a lot of time but they were beautiful and something no one at the party had seen before. 

Also I cut out 12 inch bubble letters form the scapebook paper to spell happy birthday and glued them to solid color cordinated pare as the background.  Then glued some of the flowers I used in the topiary to tie the decoration theme together. 

With the left over flowers from the topiary, I strung them on some fishing line and used them like streamers.  I also bought a box of chocolate bars at Costco and cut out wrappers with fancy sciscors on the edge out of the scrapebook paper.  I printed thank you lables on solid pink paper and hot glued them on the candy with ribbon and flower accents.  I did the same to the water bottles.  The rest of the decorations were store bought.  Different shades of pink & brown ballons.  I even found online two different types of mylar ballons that had pink and chocolate cupcakes on them which went with the theme perfect. 

Tables were cover in a hot pink table clothes and I found all sorts of pink and brown plates to use.  I bought from Target dark brown teddy bears and dogs and tied pink and brown ribbons aroung their neck and let the party goes take them home at the end of the party.  Also at Easted Hershy makes the extra large Kisses in pastel colors, so I bought as many as I could the day after Easter to get a discount knowing the theme to this party.  I had one table dedicated to a 4 tier chocolate fountain. I had all sorts of things that could be dipped. 

Pink large marshmellows, pretzels, strawberries, bananas, animal cracker cookies, graham crackers, rice crispie treats and bite size pound cake.  By the end of the party the kids were dipping carrot sticks and all sorts of things.  I purchased all types of M&Ms in two shades of pink.  You can order them online or were I live they have a M&M store near by.  I bought my bags when they had breast cancer awarness along with bags of the small Hershy kisses and other chocolates. 

We did have other easy to eat food like meat and chicken kabobs, veggie platter, chips, cheese and crackers, hot dogs for the kids.  We purchased athe stand up type cotton candy machine and popcorn machine (I've seen the popcorn at Costco) and served pink cotton candy and popcorn in pink and brown cups for the kids and bags for the adults. 

Our cake I did not even want to attempt and turned over the remaining ribbon I had and let Freed's a local bakery do the rest.  I did find a pink number two candle and glued crystal rhinstones all over it to give it a little bling.  We had a four layer masterpiece that was almost to pretty to eat.  I made pink goodie bags and printed out each child's name on a pink tag and bought cute keychains with their initial on them and tied them off with pink and brown ribbon.  In them I put a box of the pink chocolates, pink rubber ducks, pink pencils, bouncy balls, glow in the dark dinasours and bugs, cars, suckers and pixy sticks.  I gave the adults that attended the candy bars and I make tins with a thank you tag that I printed and accented with a bow. 

Every guest that wore the party themed colors received a special gift.  I bought things at the dollar store, Target has day after Easter toys on sale, and other things I picked up here and there.  We really did not play many games due to the amount of people invited, but we did rent a jumper with a slide, put out all my daughter's dishes, play kitchen, stollers, wagons, shopping cart out by her play house and let the kids do what the wanted.

 We also DVRed many kid shows then recoreded them to disc to have an on going kid themed show to play on one of the tvs in the house.  We placed large pink and brown napkins in the restrooms for the guest to wipe their hands since it is so unsanitary to have everyone use the same towel.  I loved this party cause it was out of the norm of children's parties and everyone enjoyed the uniquness and was worth every minute and every penny.

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