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Pinkalicious Party -8yr- Pink Arts & Crafts




Jenn in spartanburg, SC USA


January 2009


Honorable Mention

For my daughters 8th birthday, we wanted to do something girly.  We had just read the story book by scholastic called Pinkalicious" by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann.  It was so cute!  It was about a little girl who ate too many pink cupcakes and turned pink. 

INVITATIONS: I made pink invites and decorated them with pink glitter and put each in a clear cellophane bag with shinny pink cellophane Easter grass tied with a pink bow.  We hand delivered each invite. In the initiation we told the girls to come in their favorite "pink" outfit.

DECORATIONS: We  used hot pink tablecloths with light pink plates napkins plastic utensils.  We put clear Christmas light with pink tulle all around the room.  We put light and hot pink streamers draped from the ceiling fan to the wall with matching balloons hanging in the center.  I had clear vases filled with pink candies; pink M & M's pink marshmallows (strawberry flavored) pink Malt balls pink jelly beans etc. We had them on the table and around the room. I purchased a pink Christmas tree with pink lights (our party was just before Christmas) we had  different pink ornaments hanging on it.  On the table with the pink tree we had our pink cake. 

ACTIVITIES: As the girls arrived they made a pink necklace-out of different shades of pink beads.  Then they decorated pink frames- I cut 6x8 frames out of sheets of pink foam board. (I purchased at our local craft store)  Then I traced a 4x6 photo in pink marker in the center (to place a group photo of the girls in the center later) and wrote "Pinkalicious" with a pink glitter pen under the photo space. I used pretty pink ribbon and looped it from behind to hang on the wall. The girls decorated the frame with pink flowers feathers buttons etc.( The glue dots worked out GREAT for gluing items- no mess!)

I also downloaded "Pinkalicious" coloring word search sheets as fillers.  I put all different shades of pink crayons on the table to draw on the little pink bags to be used for the pinata)  For the pinata I bought a pink heart "princess" theme pinata and removed the princess pictures and put pretty pink paper in its place. It had pulled strings so we could do it inside. I filled it with pink candies and prizes.  

FOOD: We did a brunch theme. I had pink hard boil eggs  pink yogurt strawberries and watermelon pink heart shape waffles (I added food coloring to the batter) I had our local grocery store make 2 loaves of "pink" bread and we made cream cheese(with pink dye of course) and strawberry jam(none of our guest had food allergies and pink lemonade.

CAKE: We had to have chocolate for my daughter but I found pink icing and decorated the cake with pink M&M's and icing.

GIFT TIME: I got this idea at a recent party and loved it! I took a picture of my daughter with her gift and the person who gave it to her. Afterwards it was so nice to have a photo of each person and it was great for remembering who gave what gift for  the "thank you" card.

FAVORS:  Hot pink handled bags I attached a pink note on the front that said "You're Pinkalicious!" Thank you for coming to my party! Along with the date.  I bought BIG pixie sticks ( at the party store) and hot glued 2 pink starts on top with pink tulle tied under the star- it looked like the pink wand in the book. Since my daughters birthday is before Christmas each year we make an ornament with that years  party theme. I found pink glitter (plastic) ornaments and used light pink fabric paint to write the name of each girl tied a pretty pink ribbon on the top along with a little tag that said Catrina's 8th party with the date. We also put  some pink candies a pink bracelet in too.  The bags worked out well since their papers and frame fit in it to carry things home.

THANK YOU NOTES: I cut  pink card stock in half and folded each half into a card.  On the cover I put the photos of my daughter and the child who gave her their gift.  Inside we wrote out note and put the 4x6 photo of the group of the girls all in pink. (that photo will go into their frames) I would have had my husband run to our local drug store and picked up the group photos from the one hour photo so they could have gone home with a completed frame but he was called to work and I was without my helper. It was a LOT of fun!  Very pink!!!

This  would work for any ages my neighbor like it so much she did it for her 3 year olds party! She just adapted to the younger age.  Oh-I almost forgot after the party I downloaded my photos and went on Shutterfly's website and made a paperback 5x7 pink album for my daughter.  It matched the colors of the party- hot pink and light pink.  I titled it with the theme and date when it arrived with pink rub on letters. My daughter had fun sharing her "published" party book with her friends.  Have fun and Enjoy!"

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