Color Favorite Party

Pink & Purple -13yr- Purple Lollies & Pink Lemonaide




Ally in Wiltshire,UK


July 2002


Honorable Mention

For a 13th birthday we had a Pink N Purple party.

INVITES- For the invites buy some pink and purple card and a silver pen. Cut the Purple Card down to the size of A5 paper, then cut out the pink card slightly smaller and stick to the back of the purple card. On the pink card write Dear______ You are invited to (your name) PINK N PURPLE theme party at ___________ from _________till____________.

Please wear something  Pink and /or Purple Reply A.S.A.P on ____________. Then stick a character you like on the front of each one printed from the internet such as Hello Kitty  or just buy some pink and purple heat or star shaped stickers and stick them on the front in a pattern.

DECORATIONS- Lilac and Dark Purple balloons with Pink Streamers look really good put up all about the room. You can hang strips of pink and purple crepe paper around as well.  If you like you could also have a pink or purple happy birthday banner.

FOOD- We bought Pink cups, plates and napkins and a purple tablecloth to go with our theme. We had a plain white iced cake and we decorated it with Pink and Purple Smarties, we also had little clear bowls of pink and purple smarties on the table.

For other food we had grape jelly, trifle with Pink and Purple sprinkles on top. We had pink and purple lollies and we had chocolate bars in purple wrappers.

For drinks we bought Pink Lemonade and mixed blackcurrant squash with lemonade.

FAVORS- I put little pink and purple nail varnishes and hair clips in my party bags. I also put in pink and purple lollies and jelly beans.

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