Christmas Birthday

Polar Express Party - Pass The Parcel




Christie in Sacramento,Ca  USA


July 2007


Honorable Mention

My Daughters birthday falls in the month of December which is kind of hard to think of winter themes. So I thought of one of my daughters favorite Christmas stories/movies, The Polar Express. So I began my search & soon realized there were no stores that carried ANYTHING with this theme; so I came to the conclusion I would have to create everything on my own.

I found pictures from the movie online & changed them a little to make my invitations. On the front was the train & it said All Aboard!!!! For a Magical Journey on The Polar Express!Destination: North Pole-(then your address)RSVP Conductor(Your name & number) Tickets Required at Boarding time Tickets will arrive via USPS Optional Attire: Pajamas for children Santa's helpers for adults  I then attached a piece of paper to the back & made kind of an envelope on the side for the ticket to go in. I then made a gold colored ticket with gold colored paper from staples. I typed it to look like a real ticket on my computer. I even beveled the corners. Outside I made a round railroad sign & a sign that said the North Pole. 

I found a conductors hat online & my husband played all the parts Tom Hanks did in the movie.He wore a jacket he already owned & I had bought a packet of Fake mustaches at The Learning Express Store For a few bucks.He punched eveyones ticket as they came in. 

We had the Conductor read the children the illustrated story of The Polar Express (that I had purchased online)  While I (Santa's helper) was getting the hot cocoa hot apple cidercookies & other goodies ready. (We had this party at 7pm so it would be dark outside & the kids could wear their pj's & also the only food cost was dessert & drinks.  I made the cake into the shape of a ticket & the words looked just like they were typed-it was really cute! 

We then played a game ( while my husband went to change into the Santa suit) I had wrapped one box inside of another & so on...The children each took turns passing the boxes around opening them until they came to the smallest box; which of course was for the birthday girl to open. Inside the box was a bell with a red ribbon (The Polar Express Bell that Santa gave the boy in the story.It came with the book & soundtack in a gift set that I got online so it was perfect!) There was a note attached to the bell that said "Ring me" So she rang the bell.

Then Santa appeared! All the kids were so excited to see Santa! (Luckily we already owned a santa suit) Santa asked for the birthday girl first & asked her what she wanted for Christmas & then opened his red velvet sack & pulled out a present for each child. It was a star shaped box & inside was a bell necklace I got from Oriental Trading Co. I had typed out this phrase & attached to each "this bell still rings for me as it does for all who still believe."

All the kids got to sit on Santa's lap & tell him what they wanted for Christmas take a picture with him & get a little gift too.   I also had the movie on hand incase anyone got bored. 

Before the guests left I gave them a little tulle bag of reindeer food (oatmeal & glitter) & on it read "On Christmas Eve sprinkle this wonderful Reindeer Food on your lawn or on the entrance to your apartment. The shiny glitter will sparkle in the moonlight and the smell of oats will guide Rudolph to your home. 

Everyone said how much fun it was & you know it's a hit when the kids say that was such a fun party! "

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