Christmas Birthday

Polar Express Party - Tap Dancing Waiters




Kathy in Ventura, CA, USA


April 2007



For our Christmas party this year, we decided to do a Polar Express theme. 

The families were mailed invitations inviting them onboard the polar express. Included in the envelope were train tickets that closely resembled the tickets from the movie. When they arrived, they were greeted by my husband who was dressed as a train conductor and he would punch their tickets and yell, All aboard!"

Once inside families enjoyed horderves and cocktails.  As the children felt comfortable to do so they were taken to our bonus room where we had hired babysitters who threw a separate party for the kids so the parents could relax.

Downstairs in the living room dining room and family room round tables with beautiful table cloths and place settings were set up for a nice sit-down dinner. Toward the end of dinner the children were escorted down to join their parents for the show. We had hired male tap dancers to do a show dressed as waiters. They danced to the hot chocolate song from the movie. This was a pretty big expense but it was worth it. It made the party! They then served the children hot coco and the parents hot toddies. When the children finished they went back upstairs to watch the movie Polar Express but first they had to purchase movie tickets from our home-made box office. They were given funny-money to do this.

The tickets were made on my computer and had the movie logo on it. They were able to also buy popcorn and movie candy from the "concession stand." We had borrowed a projector and movie screen so it really felt like the real thing. That kept them busy for the next hour and a half while the adults enjoyed themselves downstairs.

After the movie my husband ran upstairs to announce that someone was downstairs and wanted to meet all the children. When they came down they were excited to see Santa Clause sitting on his sleigh (borrowed from a friend who uses it to decorate his front yard every year for Christmas) in the backyard. Each child got a chance to sit up in the sleigh with Santa have their picture taken and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Santa then gave each child a beautiful jingle bell as a momento of this exciting experience.

By then it was pretty late and people began to leave. It was a wonderful memorable party for adults and children alike."

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