Christmas Birthday

Happy Birthday Jesus - Pin Baby Jesus in the Manger




Bobbi in Lago Vista, TX  USA


December 2006



Each year my children and I throw a Happy Birthday Jesus Party, to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  

We usually start the party by having the children decorate for the party.  They are decorating for Jesus. 

I make a huge banner for the children to color with white banner roll paper.  I also buy red and green balloons and streamers.  We spend the next 15 minutes or so decorating.   

After decorating we play games.  Last year we played Place baby Jesus in the manger (like Pin the tail on the donkey) and who has baby Jesus' present? (like hot potato).  We give out a small gift to the winners of both games.

This year we plan on playing "No room at the Inn" musical chairs and Nativity charades.  We then do an ornament exchange. (we  ask each of our guests to either make a homemade ornament or buy one for under $5).  

We read the Christmas story from a child's Bible and pray...emphasizing the most important gift we can give is our heart to Jesus and the most important gift we can receive is Jesus in our heart. 

We decorate cupcakes, sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and eat the cupcakes along with other snacks and punch.

We clean up and give our guests a goodie bag with homemade goodies and a candy cane in a decorated paper bag.

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