Chocolate Party

Chocolate Party - 4yr - Golden Ticket Invite




Beth in Skokie, IL USA


January 2007



For my daughter's 4th birthday she really wanted to have a chocolate party. 

I purchased some gold foil paper at The Paper Source and on the computer created Jenna's Golden Ticket.  At the top of the ticket it said, Jenna's Golden Ticket. The rest of the ticket read as follows (just like the Willy Wonka golden ticket); Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this golden ticket.  From Jenna.  Present this ticket at the Skokie Park District in the afternoon on the 11th day of June and do not be late. In your wildest dreams, you could not imagine the SURPRISES that await YOU! 

I then purchased large chocolate bars (the regular sized bars no longer have the paper wrapper around the foil) and inserted the golden tickets into the wrappers.  I mailed these out and hand delivered some of them.  On the day of the party, I had a trail of candy leading to the room where her party was. 

When the children came in, there was candy and chocolate everywhere.  In the background, we had the cd from Willy Wonka playing. 

The children came in and each got their own child sized apron (from Michaels).  I had previously painted each child's name on them.  They put their aprons on and began to decorate a white cake box.  They used candy stickers and crayons and stamps to decorate.  The children then got to make their own special chocolate creations. 

There were three different chocolate stations.  The first was a chocolate fountain.  The children were able to dip pretzels, Rice Krispie Treats, cookies, marshmallows, graham cracker sticks and bananas. 

The second chocolate station was chocolate molding.  We had melted chocolate in squeeze bottles. (You need to have access to a microwave and freezer)  There was an assortment of molds (available almost anywhere- mine are from Michaels).  The children got to squeeze different color chocolate into the molds to make their own creations.  As each mold filled up, we put it in the freezer to harden faster. 

The third station was make your own chocolate pizza.  We used Rce Krispie treats cut into circles as the crust".  We used melted chocolate as the sauce coconut for the cheese and mini M and M's chocolate chips licorice bits Skittles Runts mini marshmallows etc for the toppings.  The children put their chocolate "masterpieces" in their decorated cake boxes to take home. 

For the cake my daughter loves cupckaes.  I made chocolate cupcakes with loads of chocolate icing and a mini chocolate bar on top of each iced cupcake. 

For goody bags besides the candy that each child made and had already collected from around the room I bought small brown handle bags and wrote their names on each one.  In each bag was a book having to do with chocolate; either "Percy's Chocolate Crunch" or "Curious George Goes to the Chocolate Factory". 

On that same table I had purchased twelve old fashioned "penny/candy" jars with the metal lids.  I filled each jar with different types of candy such as Bull Eye's Laffy Taffy's Old Fashioned Candy Sticks Tootsie Rolls Sixlets Candy Dots etc...(Most of which is available in bulk at OTC).  Each child got to take their bag and fill it up at "Jenna's Candy Shoppe".  The children had a blast and had enough candy to last them through Halloween (the party was in June)!!!!"

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