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Chocolate Party - 3yr - Chocolate Fountain




Michele in Severn, Maryland USA


March 2006


Special Mention

When I asked my soon-to-be 3-year old what kind of birthday party she wanted, she said without hesitation "A Chocolate Birthday Party!"  So a couple months ahead of time, I began planning a special chocolate party for her.   I searched this site for some ideas and found some great suggestions. 

First task was to create the invitation to set the mood for the party so I wrote this up added some hershey kisses and kit-kat graphics and glued the invitation on M&M paper that I found at a local scrapbooking store.   LILLIAN will very soon be THREE And it is her wish for friends and family To join her in a chocolaty treat, An all dessert birthday party oh, how sweet! Saturday, _____________ is the delicious day, From 1:00-2:30 p.m. in the ______  _______ Caf.   The menu will be loads of fun and ever quite so dandy Ice cream, cupcakes, and oodles of chocolate candy! Chocolate, chocolate everywhere, oh so yummy All sorts of gooey goodies to fill up your tummy!

Enjoy lunch before the party  that will make it right For you to later enjoy all the chocolate in your sight! With tasty treats to make  we may get messy too.  So please dress in your play clothes, whatever you do. Come with a smile to a chocolate dream come true  All to celebrate Lillian and her special guest of you! We hope you can come, so please do call to say That you plan to make it to Lil's all-chocolate birthday!  I received so many compliments on the invitations and everyone loved the all-chocolate party idea.  We decided to have this super sloppy party at our church café that we rented for a minimal fee. 

We decorated the room with brown balloons and brown streamers and I added various cute chocolate stickers to them.  We tied them to M&M characters for each table.  Brown party supplies are hard to find so I used red as an accent color as I planned to tie in red M&Ms in a lot of the decorations.  So, all of the other paper products were red.  Also on the tables were varous chocolate candies scattered about.   

I embroidered a shirt for my little one that said "I LOVE CHOCOLATE" and she wore that along with brown goucho pants that I found at Target. I made a hershey bar sign for outdoors saying "follow the chocolate trail to the chocolate party" and then had wrapped candies leading up to the door of the café.  The kids liked this!  As the children arrived, they started out the party with chocolate pudding painting.  I bought each child a snack cup of chocolate pudding and a paintbrush so they could create their own chocolate masterpiece.  The great part of this is that the "paint" is edible and boy did they have fun painting and snacking too! 

After pudding painting, the children went to the next station to Design their own Chocolate Syrup bottle.  I had purchased a Hershey Chocolate Syrup bottle for each child.  Then, I made a big label to cover the front that said for example "Sophie's Syrup."  Each child was provided with crayons, markers, and chocolate stickers to fancy up their own take-home bottle of syrup!  This was so cute.  During this time, I read a story "Curious George visits the Chocolate Factory."  And then it was time to create their gooey goodies.  I made each child in advance a chocolate bundt cake and put it on plates along with scoops of various toppings.  Each child then made their own chocolate cake - they used frosting, jimmies, chocolate chips, and more.   

After this, they went over to the chocolate sundae making bar to make their own sundae to eat along with the cake they had created.  They were all so proud of their edible masterpieces.  During this time, we sang Happy Birthday and cut the delicious super chocolaty homemade cake topped with M&M characters for the birthday girl and the adults to enjoy.  We had made the cutest hats for the kids to wear.  Since I couldn't find chocolate party hats I came up with the idea to cover some inexpensive party hats in aluminum foil I created a Hershey Kiss tag and glued it to the top.  They looked just like real oversized Hershey kisses on their heads and they made for some cute pictures!   

There was also a chocolate fountain in the room with various fruits for all to enjoy.  Other goodies included boxed yoo-hoos for the kids, mocha coffee for the adults, brownies, donut holes, and other sweet chocolate treats.  I also made up a chocolate trivia game for the adults to do that I found on the Hershey website.   

For the goodie bags, I bought clear bags and filled them with these stuffed M&M keychains that I bought on clearance from Target.  Also added personalized Hershey Kisses - I bought the wrappers on ebay for a great price and had them personalized to read "Lillian's Chocolate Party."  And a friend of mine made the standard candy bar wrappers to read the same.  And they were simply the cutest.  This sure was an original and fun party idea.  My daughter and her friends can't stop talking about it.  Some of her friends' moms have already called us because their little ones now want their own chocolate parties!

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