Chocolate Party

Chocolate Party - 5yr - Chocolate Fondue




Doreen in Randolph, NJ USA


January 2006



Chocolate Party  For my daughter's 5th birthday we had a chocolate party at my house. 

I printed up invites on my PC to look like a chocolate bar, Hersey letter/font "Lauren turns 5". 

I premade large approx. 3x5 tiles of "Happy Birthday" in white chocolate.  I picked up the mold at my local craft/candy stores. 

I also premade "I'm 5" choclate lollypops to take home as favors & printed up my own personalized Dora chocolate bar wrappers as Thank-you favors. 

Search the Net, there's all kinds of free download for candy bar wrappers. They were printed out on a color in-jet, spayed 1)w/sparkle dust &then 2)a clear coat (only outside!!! Too many fumes).  Once dried, I cut & pasted them around the chocolate bars. 

As each child came in I gave them an apron w/their name on.  I purchased kids aprons from the craft store & wrote their name on w/glitter fabric paints. I checked all spellings w/Moms as they called to RSVP. 

When they arrived I sent them to the basement where I set up a long plastic covered table. 

The day of I melted 3 or 4 pounds of chocolate & kept it warm in CrockPot (today those chocolate fountains would work the same way).  I bought plastic chocolate melting bottles at the craft store and filled each w/melted colored chocolate (like red, purple & green).

Each child got a sheet of wax paper to work with, 3 pretzel rods, 4 Oreos & the block of HB white chocolate I premade. I wrote their name on the wax paper as they sat down. In front of them there were a plate of colored sprinkles, rice crispies, fruity pebbles & mini M&M's. 

They were given a cup of melted chocolate to create "whatever" they wish with what was on their wax paper (eg: dip the Orea in choco & cover w/sprinkles or drizzled w/melted green choclate, etc, etc etc.) 

I think the parents had more fun then the kids!  

All creations got to dry/harden on the wax paper & they could take it home in handled bag my daughter previously decorated w/stickers. 

I also included a new toothbrush in each bag to take home (wink,wink)

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