Chocolate Party

Chocolate Party - Chocolate Bar Invite




Emily in Essex, England


April 2005


Honorable Mention

INVITES: I got some choc bars and took of the paper wrapping (I kept on the foil). I then made some new ones on the computer explaining what time, when etc. All my friends loved those!

DECORATIONS: I didn't want to spend too much so I went in my local £1 store and bought some brown and pink balloons, streamers and table cloth. I also saw some chocolate smelling candles to light during the party. FOOD: Of course chocolate!!! Choc cakes, biscuits. Fruit dipped in chocolate. Chocolate popcorn. I also had some savoury stuff like sausages, crisps etc. I set out all the food on a table like a buffet.

GAMES: 1. Whippy Choc! For this game you get a soft paper plate and cover it in whipped cream. You then put smallish pieces of chocolate in it. Each guest takes it in turns to find as many pieces of chocolate in 30 secs. But theres a catch, no hands are allowed!!!! This was great fun and we took lots of photos of each other!!!!

2. Choc Plaque! For this you just need different types of chocolate. Melt all the chocolate separately then put this into squeezy tubes (the ones you buy for squirting icing)and make sure there are enough tubes for each person. Keep these warm so the chocolate doesn't harden while you give each person a piece of grease-proof paper.

Then everyone as 1 minute to write their names in the chocolate onto the paper. You can all swap the tubes round so you get different colours. You could also get some sweets to stick into the chocolate. When the time is up you all look at each others and decide who wins before putting them all in the fridge to harden.

3. CHOC SONG! Get into pairs and make up a song about chocolate. Then perform it to the others.

4. CHOC HUNT!! Give everyone a bag, I gave everyone a handbag bought cheaply off a market stall as a party favour. Tell everyone to go into one room while you place clues and chocolates around the house. Place as many as you can and put them in hard as you want places.

Then pair everyone up and send them off to get as many chocolates as they can find and put them in their bags. On the clues write things like: 'You've found the maltesers now can you find the mars bar hiding rubbishly?' meaning there is a mars bar by the bin.

PARTY BAGS: In these I just put chocolate sweets, chocolate candles, chocolate smelling shampoo and other bath bits. I put them in the little handbags used for the choc hunt.

EMILY'S TIPS!! ¬ Don't invite too many people as it could turn into a chocolate disaster! ¬ Make sure no-one feels left out at any time! ¬ Run through the things your planning to do with your mum so she knows roughly whats happening! ¬ Last but not least, have a great time, after all, its your birthday!!!    I hope you enjoyed reading about my party and that I have given you a few ideas for yours!!! Emily xxx

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