Chocolate Party

Chocolate Factory Party - Lickable Wall Paper




Liz in Norwalk, CT USA


March 2011


Honorable Mention

Combining various ideas found on this site (and a few of my own) and combining them here's how it went:

Invitations:  I went out, bought the large candy bars and changed the wrappers and put golden tickets inside.  I made the golden tickets by purchasing gold card stock paper at Staples, finding an image of The Golden Ticket online, downloading it into Picassa (You can use any photoshop program or publishing program) and fixing the wording to match the date and time of my daughters party.  In the same way I created the wrappers for the candy bars.  We had to hand deliver these as it was August and the candy would melt in the mailbox if we didn't. 

Decorations:  I decorated our front lawn to look (to the best of my abilities) like the room where Augustus Goop fell into the choc. River.  I purchased large foam balls, various colors of bright spray paint and some celophane paper.  I spray painted the balls to look like huge balls of candy and wrapped them in the cellophane (like a plastic candy wrapper).  I also got huge boxes from our local grocery store (free) - I think they were the boxes watermelons were delivered in, flattened them out and drew large circles on them, painted the circle to look like lollipops and cut them out.  Using dowels from Home Depot, I taped the dowels to the back of the lollies, tied ribbon around the sticks and stuck them in my front lawn. 

I also used the candy cane and candy lights we have for Christmas and put them out.  I bought balloons (not hellium), blew them up and using fishing line and a sewing needle I strung balloons across tree to tree and tree to ground to look like the nerd ropes.  I printed the contract" onto 4 sheets of 11x17 paper (again - staples)so the front door would be covered in it.  Lastly I bought a big plume pen for the kids to sign before they entered the house.

Activities:  Upon entering the house they started the activities.  First we had a contest.  I made lickable wall paper by melting down various flavors of jolly ranchers in the the microwave and "painting" them onto plastic fruit decorated tablecloth.  I then taped the table cloth into six sections (one for each kid so they didn't share germs) and hung it on the wall.  The kids had to lick their section and guess what the 5 different flavors were.  Next I borrowed one of those small chocolate fountains from a friend cut various types of fruit and for a snack the kids dipped their fruit into the fountain and ate it.  This was a HUGE hit (AND they were eating healthy!) - the bananas pineapple and apple were the favorites.  We then used the melted choc. From the fountain to create chocolates using chocolate molds I purchased from party city.  The kids were also given sprinkles cherries etc. to put in/on their creations.  Each kid got a mold with their name on it so when we put it in the fridge to harden there would be no confusion. 

While their choc. Was hardening we had a burping contest like Charlie had to do in the fizzy drink room:  I had a toy bubble machine and the local elementary school let me borrow two of theirs.  We have a sun room with a fan but this would work in any room:  I placed the bubble machines strategically around the room and turned the ceiling fan on low (a regular fan placed on the the ground facing upwards should have the same affect) and the bubble machines on high - this filled the room with bubbles!  Now before the kids go to the party I lined up plastic cups and put a few drops of food coloring in each one. 

When the kids came into the room I gave each of them a cup and when I poured Sprite (any clear soda will work) into the cup - it "magically" changed color - lots of ooo's and aaa's with that.  They then had to drink the soda as fast as they could and whoever burped the loudest and whoever burped the longest won.  Lots of laughs.  The kids then had some fun playing with the bubbles from the bubble machines for a little while.  The last activity was the hidden kiss in the pie eating contest.  Using some whipped cream and disposable pie plates the kids had a pie eating contest.  Two winners:  The kid who finished first and the kid who had a Hershey Kiss hidden in his/her pie (placed there before squirting the whipped cream on). Last was the cake of course.

Favors:  I filled the party bags with "different" candy.  I really found edible paper and ink and Party City gobbstoppers of course but for the most part I tried to stay away from the traditional party candy and looked for things like the rock candy swirly lollipops etc. but as an added twist I put a kids toothbrush a small tube of toothpaste and flavored floss in the bags as well.  Each kid also got to pick thier own lollipop or candy from the front lawn (saved me from having to clean it up!)  to take home."

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