Chocolate Party

Chocolate Party 11yr - Candy Jar Centerpieces




Sarah in Atlanta, GA in America


July 2010


Special Mention

INVITATIONS: The Party colors could be many different combinations depending on your favorite color and the type of chocolate you are using. For my party I am usng Baby Blue and Cocao Brown.

So for the invitations I will take a piece of brown and blue stationary paper including all the information such as rsvp, snacks, games, time, place, and who the party's for. Then for the invitaion I take the wrapper of a chocolate bar and wrap the stationary paper around the chocolate bar and secure it with tape. Hand delivering is best for this invite but if you can't just put it in an envelope.

DECORATIONS: For decorations I bought some blue and brown satin ribbons (like sweet 16 ribbons) around on the walls. Of course I bought balloons in brown and blue.

I also rented a really cheap cardboard cut out of a hershey bars with face holes so girls can put there heads through and get pictures. I made a hershey kiss paper mache pinata by taking tin foil to mold a hershey kiss, then  covered it in paper mache and glued on silver confettie. For the string I  used microsoft word to print out the KISS label sticking out.

TABLE SETUP: For the table closth I used a satin blue table cloth,  used blue paper plates, blue cups, blue napkins, and brown utensils tied up n a satin brown bow.

For a centerpiece I filled a jar with chocolate candies. I also made a ferro rochet bouquet which turned out great. Instead of name tags I took hershey bars and personalized the wrappers with the guest's names.

FOOD: I made a candy pizza by using a large chocolate cookie base, then I put on vanila bean ice cream, and sprinkled with chocolate chips and drizzled it with hot fudge. There was also regular cheese pizza and of course a chocolate fountain. To dip in that where sliced strawberries, bannanas, gummy bears, gummy worms, marshmallows and chocolate crackers. The drinks where Pink lemonade, white milk, chocolate milkshakes, and water.

ACTIVITES: We'll have a chocolate truffle decorating contest. We wll buy chocolate truffles from chocolate jewels and use sprinkles and frosting to decorate it. We will have a scavenger hunt.  Place five golden tickets around the house and we use clues to find them.

We will split up into teams of three and two people on each teams are the makers and one person is the tasters. The two makers have to make the best type of chocolate using 10 ingredients while only using chocolate once.

GAME: Have two teams. Put 2 bowls at both ends of the room for each team (4 bowls in total). Put an equal number of maltesers in the starting bowls. Using straws, the kids have to suck up the maltesers, WITHOUT dropping them. If somebody does drop them, they have to start over agin [[NOTE::JUST that malteser, not all of them lol]].

GOODY BAGS: For goody bags I put two hershey bars, two twix, two snickers, two milky ways, and a tootbrush!

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