Chocolate Party

Chocolate Party - 8yr - Chocolate Chef




Carolann in Warren, NJ


January 2002


Honorable Mention

For my daughters 8th birthday we had a chocolate party. 

We had a chocolate chef come to the house he was great he made lollipops with the kids and gave each child a cup of melted chocolate with cookies, pretzels, fruit and a lot of fun stuff to dip.

Each child had their own work area with wax paper for drying their creations.  After he was finished each child received a box with a name on it and all their chocolate was placed in it. 

Since I could not find any decorations with any kind of chocolate on it we adopted the Hershey kiss theme.

The invitations were made on the computer with a chef hat and children mixing a vat of chocolate. 

White vinyl table cloths from the party store were used and decorated with big Hershey kisses. 

We made the kisses by cutting sheets of aluminum foil then taping at the top of each one the word kisses (I printed in blue on the computer) and cut them out like the long labels on the chocolate kisses. I then hung white and silver foil crepe paper and hung all the kisses from the crepe paper.

Also from my print shop disk I made a banner out of chocolate kisses that spelled out happy birthday and my daughter's name.

Since this was a cooking kind of party I figured the kids would get dirty so I bought packages of adults t-shirts a walt-mart (I bought adults so they could use them as nightshirts)and printed a kiss with each child's name on from my print shop disk.

I also went to a restaurant supply store and bought paper chef hats.

Before the chef arrived we played candy bingo (Made from the print shop)and the children used chocolate Hershey kisses as markers. 

Before the children went home we got all 24 of them together and took a picture of them with their hats and their t-shirts on. This image will be copied and made into thank cards for each one of them.

The party was a success and the kids had a ball, they loved the fact that they went home with their t-shirts and box of candy.

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