Cheerleading Party

Cheerleading Party -7yr- Decorate Pennant Craft




Suzanne in Belmont, MA USA


July 2006



Cheerleader party. For my daughter's 7th birthday we had a cheerleader party at home.

For the invitations, I took a picture of my daughter in her cheerleader Halloween costume and put it on the front of the invitation. Inside it said "Give a yell and give a cheer, Allie's 7th birthday is here" with the information on where and where the party was.

We decorated with lots of cheerleader clip art.  I found a real cheerleader from the local college and arranged for her to come the day of the party to teach the girls to cheer. (she charged me $75) On the invites I made sure to tell the girls to wear sneakers. 

When the girls arrived, I had stickers and markers for them to decorate their own cheerleading pennants. The cheerleader then arrived in uniform and spent about 45 minutes teaching cheers. Of course it ended with a cheer about the birthday girl. The cheerleader was great. She brought the birthday girl a duffel bag, pom poms, a stuffed mascot and a tee shirt.

Each of the 12(!)girls was given a pom pom and a chocolate bar sold for fund raising. 

For food we had bugles and popcorn served in cheerleading megaphones. I found them online and then wrote each girls name in with a white marker that is designed for writing on plastic. 

The cake was from Costco and had a big cheerleader megaphone on it. I also got some small platic megaphones to put on the cake. I had Kim possible plates and tablecloth as the character is a cheerleader.   We also had a pin the pocketbook on the cheerleader game.  

Goody bags include purple plastic water bottles (.50 on clearance at Target) with their name written on it.  Each bottle had candy (left over from Halloween) and bubblegum inside.

They also got stuffed cheerleader bears and pom poms(dollar store) and a plastic comb/mirror. I would have skipped the pom poms if I had known the cheerleader would give each girl one. 

Although the weather was dreary, it still worked out great. The rain lifted for the outside cheerleading and we had the cake and present opening inside on the porch.

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