Cheerleading Party

Cheerleader Party -8yr- Party At the Church Gym




Pam in Corbin, KY


December 2006



My daughter wanted a "Cheerleader" party. 

She had awesome invites.  We took her picture on a white background, she wore a red/white/blue cheerleader uniform that had been a Halloween costume, we had her on the left side of the photo which created white space on the right, with a photo editing software we put the text on the right side, "Give a Yell, Give a Cheer, Missy's 8th Birthday is here"  we then listed the party details and that each child should wear gym shoes and comfortable clothing. She wore the uniform on party day.

The party was held at church gymnasium, free of charge. My daughter wanted both boys and girls at the party so for the boys I had a local college basketball player come and do basketball drills/practice with the boys (he was a friend of the family).  For the girls I had 3 All-Star cheerleaders from the local gymnastics center to come and teach cheers to the girls. 

I had a set of pom-poms and megaphones for each girl (megaphones from Stumpz.com and pom-poms from local dollar store 2 for $1.00).  The girls made the birthday girl the center of the cheers and even created a cheer about her.  We had a "concession" stand, this was made from a wooden lemonade stand that my daughter used and we painted it to match our red/white/blue theme colors and had popcorn and drinks served at it, drinks were gatorades in red and blue, we even had the red/white popcorn bags, all of this was free of course! 

I had bought extra megaphones and the caps that go on the end so you can serve food from them and served chips, party mix etc. in these.  I bought shaker poms from stumpz and used these and megaphones for decorations, the tableware and napkins were red and blue. I had red treat bags for the girls, in addition to the pom-poms and megaphones they each received cheer tattoos (oriental trading), pencils, candy, cheer gummies (oriental trading) and hairbrushes that had girls on one side, I got them at a $1.00 store and the looked "cool" according to my daughter. 

The boys had white treat bags that included candy, pencil, basketball game pencil topper, small basketball, and game whistle. 

The cake was made from the Little Hero Wilton pan and looked like a cheerleader, she had brown hair like my daughter and a uniform like the one she wore in her photo and at the party. 

The party was a huge success and at the end the boys played a scrimage game and the girls were the cheerleaders. My daughter and her friends were thrilled with the outcome!

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