Cheerleading Party

Cheerleading Party -5yr- High School Gym!




Samantha in George West, Texas, USA


July 2006



5 year old "Cheerleading" Birthday  My daughter is obsessed with cheerleading, so for her 5th birthday I threw her a cheerleading party.  I got permission from our local high school's athletic department to have the party at the school's football stadium, and I made arrangements to have the restrooms unlocked. 

I found a good picture online of a cheerleader in a full airborne split that I put at the top of her invitation.  Then I made up the following poem "I'm the birthday cheerleader and I'm here to say, It's time to celebrate __________'s 5th birthday!  Saturday, _________ is the date.  Come at _________ and don't be late!  Where should you go for this party?  Longhorn Field is the place to be.  (If it happens to rain that day, then _________ is the place we'll play.)  Lots of fun is what we'll provide, so wear blue and white to show your Longhorn pride.  Please call us to say that you'll come.  Otherwise, we'll be really bummed." 

Fortunately, my daughter has a fall birthday, so I didn't have any trouble finding football-themed party decorations and favors at Party City.  I decorated the serving tables with football streamers, napkins, plates, etc.  I even found a plastic football serving platter at the Dollar Store. 

My husband hauled his gas grill to the field, so we served hotdogs, chips, and little sports drinks for lunch.  The kids sat on the bleachers to eat.  I hired our high school's mascot "George the Longhorn" and two varsity cheerleaders to come hang out and take pictures with the kids. 

I made a cheerleading mix on CD that we played during the party.  (My daughter insisted on having Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" on the CD, so I made sure I used the radio-edited version.)  I had a professional make a cheerleading megaphone cake with my daughter's name on it. 

For party favors, I gave each child a megaphone (for the girls), a beanbag football (for the boys), football stickers, a Blow Pop, and a copy of the CD (one per family). 

The party was a huge success, and it was such a relief not having it at our house.

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