Cheerleading Party

Cheerling Party -10yr- Pennant Invites




Cheri in Yorba Linda, CA, USA


November 2005



For my daughters 10th birthday we had a cheerleading party at our home.

I made pennant shaped invitations out of construction paper.  The message on the front read "Hip Hip Hooray! It's Julianna's Birthday!"  Inside read "Please join us for a cheerific time at Julianna's cheerleading birthday party!". Date, Time, Etc.  I stated at the bottom that dress-up was optional and most of the 15 girls came dress-uped.

When the girls arrived I had them make a craft.  We picked up felt, ribbon and foam stick-ons in cheerleading shapes at our local craft store.  We cut the felt into pennant shapes.

Next I had a cheerleader whom I hired from our local highschool come and teach the girls cheers.  She did a great job and the girls had a blast trying to do pyramids. 

While that was going on I had time to prepare the food.  We set up a concession stand in our home.  We took a plastic table cloth, cut out the middle, wrote concession on the top and hung it in a doorway.  Then we placed a table underneath with another tablecloth which we taped along the top pennant shapes cut out of construction paper.

The food consisted of pizza, mini sub sandwiches with toothpick flags made of construction paper.  Snack mix made of buggle(megaphones) and cheeto puff ball(pom poms), mini soda's and popcorn which we placed in plastic megaphones which we bought at our local party store. 

I had the cake made in the shape of a megaphone and they put a number 10 on it. 

Our colors where red, white and blue so I just bought all the partyware in those colors.  As well as balloons. 

The party favors were the megaphones, the pennants the girls made and party bags filled with pom poms, little sports balls and candy.  The girls performed the cheers they learned for us towards the end. 

Everyone had a great time and my daughter had a party she is sure to remember.

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