Cheerleading Party

Cheerleader Party - Corndogs and Smoothies




Mary in Chicago, Illinios, America


September 2005



Cheerleader Party  

For the invitations of this party take a piece of paper and decorate it with pompoms, not acctual pompoms, but draw them on the paper. At the top write a catchy phrase like, "You're invited". On the inside of this small booklet, write down all the information for the party. Then tell them what you will be doing, "For our sleepover, we will be decorating t shirts and skirts to make our own cheerleading outfits. Then we will put together our own cheers, and video tape them.

Afterwards all our hard work will leave us feeling very hungry. So we will have some dinner. We'll play some games, watch a movie, asnd more. Hope you can make it.

For the decorations, buy some cheap pompoms and hang them up around the house. You can cut out pictures of cheerleaders also and hang them up around the house. Choose two or three colors, like blue and red before the party, hang up those colored streamers, and baloons.

When you go to the store to buy the white t shirts and the white skirts buy enough for each guest, then buy blue and red markers, fabric pens and markers, blue and red glitter, maybe fabric blowpens and even stickers related to cheerleading. Then get blue and red napkins, bowls, plates, and cups. And see if they have those colored silverware.

For food have corndogs, or burgers or chicken nuggets, salad, drinks like smoothies, fruit, and more.

For desert make a really cool cake, get blue and red icing, white frosting, and blue and red sprinkles. Then have the girls decorate an already made cake.

Next after desert, decorate the t shirts and skirts. Open presents, and then practice a cheer. After you have one, film it up, you can also film it while you were practicing, so everyone can see therer funny bloopers and mistakes.

Next have everyone change into there regular clothse, and those cheer outfits we'll be part of there party favors, next choose a movie like Bring It on, one or two, two is better for younger children.

After the movie get ready for deepdark secrets and truth or dare, afterwards play a few other games, lastly watch you're cheerleading movie.

The next morning make pancakes with blue and red icing. Then hand out goodybags, put candy, try and have it blue and red, maybe some pompoms if they aren't really expencive, stickers, and the outfits.

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