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Cheerleader Party -9yr- Hire High School Cheerleaders




Lane in Saint Marys, Georgia (USA)


October 2004


Special Mention

For our daughter's ninth birthday party we deciding on a cheerleading theme.  I looked EVERY WHERE for ideas and really couldn't find any so hopefully this might help you guys who are interested in having a cheerleading birthday party.  We decided on a cheerleading birthday party after I contacted our local highschool to see if the cheerleaders would come out to our house and be the entertainment for out party.  The coach agreed and charged us 25 dollars--who can bet that! 

I made the invitations on my computer using card stock.  The front of the invitation said:  Shake Your Pompoms, Give A Cheer (I also had some clip art pictures of a cheerleader and a megaphone.  Then the inside said:  Marissa's 9th Birthday Is Here!  Then we listed the where, when, RSVP, and the information about the cheerleaders coming from the highschool.  Since the party was a sleepover on Friday night and then cheerleaders came on Saturday we planned many activities for both days!  We had all the girls come over on Friday at 5pm, we also had a friend's daughter who is a cheerleader come over that night (she actually wanted too). 

That night the girls painted t-shirts, made cheerleading diaries, decorated foam pennants, had pizza for dinner, and watched Bring It On! And Bring It ON Again!  The cheerleader who spent the night with them also taught them a cheer and dance to show the "big" cheerleaders when they came over the next day!  The next morning when the girls got up we had a large variety of cereals for them to choose from since we knew they were going to be having a lot of other food during the day we didn't go all out for breakfast.  The highschool cheerleaders showed up at 11am (the actual time of the party that day).  They brought the mascot with them, which the girls LOVED!! 

They also did face painting, cheers for the girls, a special cheer for the birthday girl, made a special picture with the birthday girl, and brought a t-shirt for each girl as a party favor (yes, I only paid 25 dollars for this)!!  All of the highschool cheerleaders activites lasted about an hour and then they stayed to HELP me with the rest of the party!  While the cheerleaders were doing their activites with the girls, my husband and I made hot dogs and popcorn for the girls lunch, we chose this for lunch because it is food you would buy at a football game!  The girls came in and ate lunch and then we started opening presents and eatting cake and icecream! By the time we had finished it was time for everyone to go home! 

Decorations:  I bought light blue and white plates, napkins, and plastic silverware, along with light blue, white, and dark blue streamer! For the cups, I bought nice white plastic cups, that would last so the girls could also take those home with them and wrote their names on them (with a paint pen) along with Number 1 Cheerleader! I chose these colors because they are the colors of our local highschool football team and since we were having the cheerleaders over form the highschool I thought it would be really neat! 

We also covered the face painting table and the "birthday" table with dark blue bullentin board paper.  This way we could write cheerleading words on it like, VICTORY, CHEER, GO TEAM, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARISSA, WE'RE NUMBER 1, etc!  I also made each girl a pin on pennant to wear with their name painted on it during the party.  I also used pompoms that were light blue and white as decorations on the table! Also, on the driveway outside I wrote in sidewalk chalk, We're number 1. Cheerleaders Rock!, etc so the girls would see it when they came into the house for the party!   

Cake:  I actually made the cake myself!! I went online and found a clipart picture of a megaphone.  I printed it off and then went to the local library and used their overhead projector to blow it up on a large piece of posterboard.  I traced the megaphone on the paper and then cut it out.  I bought a large cake pan (I needed one that was long) made the cake and then put the piece of cardboard on top of the cake and traced the megaphone with a knife!  IT looked awesome!! I used white icing and then blue gel icing to decorate it! Then I bought two snowballs, by Twinke, and covered them with blue icing to make pompoms!  Instead of buying a gallon of icecream I just bought the small cups of icecream so that I wouldn't have to worry about scooping it out, plus some of the girls liked this idea better because the icecream didn't melt on to their cake! 

Good Bags:  This was really hard!! I found a set of two pompoms at the dollar store for a dollar each so I bought each girl a set of pompoms, then I bought miniature uno card games for each bag, I also put in tracing sticks, bubbles, glitter braclets, body glitter, lipgloss, and cheerleading sticks!  But they also got the t-shirts they painted, the pennants they made, the dairies, and the pennant pins!  IF you want too, you can go out and buy each girl that is at the sleepover the night before Cheerleading PJ's so that all the girls have a set and then of course let them take the PJ's home after the party! 

Thank you notes:  I bought the already made thank you notes where your child writes in the present they were given and then signs their name.  In the thank you notes I also sent a picture of all the girls with the cheerleaders and the mascot so they would always remember Marissa's 9th Birthday! 

Hopefully, these ideas might anyone planning a cheerleading birhtday party!!  It was a lot of fun and pretty inexpensive!  Good Luck!!!

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