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Cheerleading Birthday - Pom Pom Craft




Jennie in North Baltimore, OH United States


March 2004



Cheerleading Birthday

Invitation: Cut out the bottom of a plastic throwaway cup. Write: "Go Team! You're invited to celebrate, _Allie's______ birthday: it'll be great! With spirit and pride, save this date and time: 6/6/66 and 1:00-3:00. Come to _Doe__ Stadium (555 Anytown Street), call this number before you come (555-5555), and we will have lots of fun! Please wear shorts, comfortable shoes, socks and shorts!"

As soon as the kids get there, separate them in to "squads" based on eye color (browns and other colors on one side, blues and greens on the other). If this is unfair, draw names from a hat. Let the squads come up with a team name (ie the Cougars) and team colors. Take 'squad pictures'. After that let them make crafts!

Crafts: Pom Poms: have three sheets on tissue paper for each pom pom. Use team colors. Roll the sheets like a jelly roll and secure in the middle with a rubber band. Repeat.

Spirit Stick: Save Pringle potato chips cans. Let each child decorate one.

After crafts, do games or see if you can get a High School cheerleader to teach the kids a simple cheer. If you can't, proceed with games.\* Games: Make up a cheer for your team, then present it for the other squads. 'Nuff said. Captain Says: Simon Says with cheerleader moves.  

This should take long enough that you can eat now. Make a buffet of healthy foods like veggies, fruits, pitas that can be stuffed with cold cuts and cheese, and yogurt. Provide water and Gator-Ade.

After lunching or dinnering, it should be time to go. Pass out Spirit Sticks filled with candy, plastic water bottles, Spirit Mix (trail mix, cereal and candy), pictures, if your budget allows get Cheer tee shirts for everyone, tattoos with Got Spirit on them and a Rooter Pom. (You can get the Rooter Poms and Got Spirit Tattoos at www.spiritline.com).

Hope the party is cheerific and gives you lots of great ideas!

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