Cheerleading Party

Cheerleading Party -6yr- Decorate Hat Craft




Amy in Ellicott City, MD  USA


November 2004



Cheerleading Party 6 yr. old My daughter wanted a cheerleading party for her 6th party. 

I found Barbie cheerleader invitations. 

I "hired" 6 of the local high school cheerleaders. When the girls arrived, I had 2 craft tables set up. 

ON one table was plastic megaphones (from the dollar store) that the girls decorated with stickers and markers. 

On the other table were hats (same color as megaphone, dollar store also!) that the girls decorated with fabric markers that you can iron later to make permanant. 

Once all the girls had "their uniform", I lined them up into two lines, and they did a relay.  They ran to the center of the room, got 2 pom poms, and ran back to tag the next girl.  The girls were also cheering on their team mates at this time.

Now the girls were definitely ready for the cheerleaders, and BOY were they surprised when the "big" girls came out and cheered.  I must say, the high schoolers did a great job with this age group.  They taught them a cheer, and lifted anyone who wanted up into a triangle pyramid. 

They did some fun circle cheer games (little sally walker...)At the end , they all posed for my photo op, which  came out great.  I served cake and ice cream, and then the girls got to use their megaphones!  We divided up into 2 groups, and sang (yelled) "We've got spirit, yes we do, we've got spirit, how 'bout you?"  They had a ball trying to out cheer the other team.

For the treat bag, I printed off coloring books from the internet, and found little plastic cheerleaders.  (They got to keep their megaphones and pom poms and hats too!)

My daughter loved this party, and I hope yours does too!

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