Cheerleading Party

Cheering/Football Party -6yr- Award Ceremony




Yvonne in Lake City, SC


September 2009


Honorable Mention

My daughter,Hannah, just loves to cheer. This fact sparked the idea of having her a cheerleader party in celebration of her 6th birthday. (The football portion came as a part for the boys that would be invited)

INVITATIONS-Her invitations were trading cards.I made them myself. On the front was a picture of her in her cheerleading uniform. On the back, was the party information.The girls were asked to come dressed to cheer and the boys were asked to wear a football jersey.

DECORATIONS: For the decorations, I used blue and orange tablecloths.Orange for Clemson and blue for our local High School. On the blue tables, I had an orange cheer or football centerpeices and on the orange tables, I had a blue cheer or football centerpeices. I hung a Clemson little cheerleader uniform,a football jersey, and a happy birthday banner from the ceiling. Posted signs around the room stating the hours of operation, please register here, and name of staff members. The party was at a community room (rent fee $25.00), but three large tumbling mats(borrowed from a city recreation center) were placed outside to be used by the children and coaches.

There was a sign at the entrance that said WELCOME TO HANNAHS CHEERING/FOOTBALL CAMP! ACTIVITIES:

Girls- opening activity A table was set up for the girls to create a hairbow(ribbon different colors and widethand hair clips); another table was set up for the girls to use yarn to create a pomp pomp to put on their sneakers and to get a cheerleader tattoo(Orential Trading).

Boys- banner paper was set out for the boys to create their own breakthrough (The banner that the football team runs through). The boys also got the football player's mark under their eyes and created a staduim cup using hard plastic cups and football foam stickers(Wal-Mart). After that the Football Team Captian(my brother-in-law) called for all of the boys and the Cheer Captain(my sister-in-law) called all of the girls.

BOYS- Their camp training began by exersicing; they did other activities like Football Toss(to see who could throw the farthest) Musical Football(played like musical Chairs) and performed a few football drills. They even had a chance to run through the breakthroughs they made.

GIRLS-Their camp began with exercising. After that they did other activities like freeze dance Captian Saysand a few cheering drills. I had pom poms for all of the girls. (they were bought at a thrift store $5.00 for a whole box.) A few children were flipping and rolling on the mats.

FOOD- Each guest received 5 one dollar bills to "spend" at HANNAH's Concession.(This sign HANNAH's Cocession also hung from the ceiling over the concession machines.)Each item was one dollar. I had a popcorn machine a nacho machine and cheese warmer a cotton candy machine hot dogs with chilli canned sodas bottled water gatorade Capri Suns hug juices a large jar of pickles lollipops and Ring Pops. I asked a local drive-through resturant for those boxes that they put food orders in. The guest make their selections and paid the cashier (which was my husband).

FAVORS After the children were finished eating it was time for the Award Ceromony.The girls and the boys were asked to stand side by side in a line. I thanked each child for coming to Hannah's Cheering and Football Camp; each girl received a medal around her neck and a favor box which was filled with cheer tattoos a whistle a sprit wristbandsome lip gloss and  cheer stickers. Each boy received a "Super Bowl" Pop Ring(idea borrowed from this site) and a favor bag filled with a football clapper a whistle and inflatable football.The girls and the boys got to take home the items that were made during the opening activities.

CAKE- The cake was nothing fancy; It was just a 12 inch yellow cake with icing balloons and a number 6 candle on it. Instaed of singing your tradition Happy Birthday song the cheerleader and football players did a response cheer. The cheerleaders yelled Gimme a H; the fotball players response was H you got your H you got your H. They went throughthe rest of her name with the same cheer. They ended with the cheerleaders chanting whose birthday? The football players responded with HANNAH HANNAH Yea for Hannah!

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