Cheerleading Party

Cheerleading Party -6yr- Two Teams Cheer Contest




Nicole in Lockhart TX USA


July 2007



My 6 year old daughter wanted a cheerleading birthday party theme.  It was tough to find any ideas that were inexpensive...but what we ended up with was lots of fun! 

For decorations, I bought several different colored streamers, balloons, etc. and used colorful plastic table cloths on the cake table with a sports centerpiece.  I painted around the edges of a solid colored plastic table cloth for the gift table.  I wrote GO!GO!GO!" My daughters name #7 Girls Rule Cheeretc. I also made banners and pennants using plastic table cloths cut to size and used acrylic paint to write my daughters name and #7 (her new age).

When the girls arrived the each got a name tag sticker that said "CHEER CAPTAIN (NAME)" on it.  I used my computer to find a graphic and font and printed them on sticker paper made for computer printers.  

We started off with a game of Balloon Battle.  Each guest was their own team. Each girl had string tied to her ankle and a balloon tied to the other end of the string.  The object is to "Stomp" everyone else's balloon.  The last one with an unpopped balloon is the winner!  Everyone got a sucker as a prize. 

Next we did a fun craft.  We made megaphones. I bought 20 oz. styrofoam cups sliced off the very bottom and gave one to each girl to decorate with foam stickers and markers. They wrote their names go team and other fun things and decorated with flowers and stars. They all shouted into them and had ablast playing for a few minutes.

Next was a cheer competition.  I gave each girl a set of pom-poms from a local discount store. Each set had a tag just like their name tag not a stickerthough) tied to the pom handle with curly ribbon to prevent confusion.  I let my daughter choose which guest got which pom-pom color before the party started.

I separated them into two teams and gave each team an envelope with a cheer written inside it.  They had to go to their "practice gym" (different room in my house) and come up with motions for their cheer.  The first team had "I said a move move move-get out of our way the girls are back and we're here to play!"  The other team had "Stomp 'em let's get on down.  Stomp 'em don't mess around- stomp 'em-let's get on down." 

After about five minutes of practice time the girls came in and performed for the parents and everyone was declared a winner and got a coupon for a free month of tumbling.  I picked those up from a local gymnastics place who was willing to use those as free advertising. 

After that game we had cake- shaped like a megaphone and pom-poms (Hostess Snowballs). 

Next it was present time snow cone time and time to go!  "

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