Cheerleading Party

Cheerleader Party -6yr- Pom Pom Favors




Julie in Greenville, SC


Feb 2003



For my daughters sixth birthday, we had a cheerleader party.

I made the invitations using cheerleader clip-art found on the internet. You could also do them in the shape of a megaphone or pom-pom. We asked the girls to wear their favorite team colors or a cheerleading uniform if they had one.

We invited our neighborhood high school cheerleaders to come and teach the girls some cheers and dances. I paid them $50 for 2.5 hours. This was a easy, fun fund-raiser for the squad.

The best part was watching the interactions between the 14-15 year old cheerleaders and the 5-6 year olds. They were in awe of the older girls!

They had an wonderful time learning cheers and dances. It was very easy for me because the cheerleaders totally took care of the "entertainment".

Add face painting, some games and snacks. 6 year old girls love this stuff! Cupcakes, balloons, table-wear and decorations in the team colors makes it all fit together.

For gifts, each girl got a pom-pom and a pencil box with pencils and candy. Pretty easy and inexpensive. I took a picture of each girl in a "pyramid"(being held up by the cheerleaders) and sent it to them with the thank you note.

Overall, this party was easy to put together and VERY FUN!

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