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Casino Crazy Party -14yr- Poker Face - True/False?




Claudia in Bremen, Ohio, U.S.A.


September 2001


Special Mention

Crazy Casino Hotel Party 

We reserved a suite at a local hotel for my daughter's 14th birthday.  It was partially divided into two areas. One was a sleeping area with two queen size beds, dressers and TV and the other was a lounge area with a sleeper sofa, coffee table, end tables and some chairs.  We decided to turn the lounge area into a Casino.  Since they were not of age to gamble and I didn't want to offend parents, we decided on a "Crazy Casino" Theme.

We decorated with purple, hot pink, royal blue and teal instead of the traditional red, black casino colors.  I made a sign shaped like a Marquee and had CRAZY CASINO in bubble letters cut from black construction paper.  I cut small hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs from colored construction paper (the above colors) and alternated them around the edge of the sign to resemble the lights on the marquee.  We hung this above the sofa.  I made two dice by covering two white, square gift boxes (about six inches in size) with black dots.  I stacked them on top of each other attached with a brass brad and used them to weigh down a large balloon bouquet in above mentioned colors. 

This was placed on the coffee table as a center piece. More balloons and curly ribbon were placed around the lounge area.  We set a large roulette wheel on the table for more casino decor. 

I came up with a Slot Machine Design for the cake and took it to our local bakery to see if they could do it.  They did a superb job!  I had them put the cake in a clear plastic container and we set it on the table to add to the d├ęcor. 

I had purchased "Champagne Bubbles" for each guest and attached curly ribbon (in our colors) to the necks of each bottle.  These were placed on another side table.  The casino area looked very festive. My daughter invited 6 friends and we met them in the hotel lobby.  The "Crazy Casino" was a complete surprise to them and they were curious about the games immediately.

We had pizza delivered to the room and I explained the first casino game while they ate.  It was called "Rowdy Roulette".  They would spin the roulette wheel to determine the "stunt" to be performed for a poker chip. If it was an even number, they picked someone to perform the stunt with them.  If it was an odd number, they must perform the stunt alone.  If it was red, they could substitute that stunt for any on the list.  If it was black, they could not substitute their stunt. 

Before the party, I prepared a list of 36 stunts to correspond with the numbers on the roulette wheel.  Some of the stunts were to be performed at the Hotel and others were to be performed at the nearby mall.  We took turns spinning the wheel and writing the name or names of the performers beside each stunt on the list. This was as much fun as viewing the actual stunts.  They couldn't wait to hear what horrible fate awaited them! Then the girls were off to complete them.  They received a poker chip for each completed stunt and lost one chip if the stunt was not completed.  They had a blast!

The next game was called "Human Slot Machine".  I moved the coffee table against the wall and sat three girls on it side by side.  They were each given three pieces of "Runts" fruit shaped candy.  (One banana, one orange, and one lime.) The girl on the far left was told to raise her arm to represent the "handle" of the human slot machine.  Each member of the machine would SECRETLY select one piece of the fruit candy and slip it into their mouth.  Then a "gambler" was selected to pull down the handle.  When the arm was lowered, it was a cue for the first girl to stick out her tongue displaying the candy on it.  The audience would shout out the name of the fruit and then the next girl sticks out her tongue, etc. 

A poker chip was awarded to the gambler for a match of two fruits and five poker chips were awarded if all three matched. (We didn't have anyone match all three.) Then the gambler would join the machine and sit in the first position and the others would slide down one position, creating a new person in the "handle" position.  (So everyone had a turn as a gambler and in all positions of the slot machine.)  They had so much fun with this and it made for some hilarious photos.  In fact, I ran out of candy before they lost interest!

They also played a quiet game of "Poker Face" trying to bluff their friends.  In turn, each girl told three statements about themselves.  Two were true and one was a lie.  The girls were to vote on which statement they thought was the lie by holding up one, two or three fingers to indicate their choice.  (They did this all together on the count of three to eliminate copying or influencing the others choice.)  After the lie is revealed, a poker chip is awarded to those guessing correctly.  A poker chip is also awarded to the "liar" for each one she successfully bluffed.  This was also a big hit!

At the end of the casino games, they used their poker chips to bid on prizes. They also swam in the indoor hotel pool and went crazy with the champagne bubbles! There were two phones in the suite with separate lines.  An essential for that many teens! This is one that will be remembered by all!

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