Casino Party

Casino Party -11yr- Craps, Poker and Roulete




Maddy in La Canada, CA, USA


April 2003


Honorable Mention

Casino Party--11 yrs. Although I recommend 10-16 yrs.  For my 11th birthday, we decided to have a Casino Party 

Invitations: I made these on the computer...It said something like:  You are invited to come to the grand opening of (casino name which you can made-up). It is located at (address). The grand opening will take place on (time, date).  As you can probably see a lot of people was want to see this new casino open...Please call to reserve your resevrvation by (date). The number is (Phone Number). PLEASE DON'T BE LATE OR YOU MIGHT MISS THE OPENING!!! Also remember the casino closes at (time). Please bring small present for (name), as it is her/his birthday 

PARTY TIP: Don't hand out these invitations at school. It could make others feel bad and might resolve in a fight. 

Decrorations: You can use a sign made of poster board with the labeling of the caniso name. You can also have signs for each of the tables. Make it look like a casino  My parents taught them how to play all the games, with help from their adult friends, who helped run the tables.

The best thing was: There isn't a limtimed amount of friends who can come. I had 12-14 friends. 

Tables: We had Craps (BIG HIT!), Blackjack, Poker (5 draw, 7 card stud,etc.), Roulette, and A front desk. 

PARTY TIP: Since I had so many friends come, I coundn't of course have a sleepover. Although many girls want sleepovers, you may have 1 or 2 girls spend the night, but remember not to brag to friends who aren't spending the night! :) 

After the Casino Gambling is Over: Instead of having Goodie Bags have an auction! With all the the $ made by the kids, sell prizes with their pretend $$. Prize Ideas: Notebooks, Crafts, Stuffed Animals, Beannie Babies, Cosmetics, Hair stuff, etc.

TIP: MAKE SURE EVERYONE GETS A PRIZE!  Don't forget the basics: Remember to save time for presents and cake! 

Food: You can set up a buffet with food such as: Grapes, Cookies, Popcorn, Pizza, Apples, etc. 

Its not the end of the world: If someone runs out of $ don't make a big deal Either:  \*Give the person more $, but make sure they don't brag  \*Let them 'Borrow' $  \*Give everyone the same amount 

ALTHOUGH: No one at my party had this problem, everyone made money  This was the best party I ever had…I hope this helps you.  And Good Luck In The Casino

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